TOC War in History Vol. 29 no. 1 (January 2022)

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New Issue of War in History, vol. 29 no. 1 (January 2022). TOC can be viewed here:

Special issue for Dennis Showalter

Introduction to special issue honouring Dennis Showalter 3
Mary Kathryn Barbier

Special Issue Articles
Scharnhorst and Showalter: A tale of two enlightened scholars 5
Charles E White

A transitory phenomenon: German commanders and chiefs of staff, 18661918 20
Richard L DiNardo

Dennis Showalter and the study of the First World War 35
Michael Neiberg

Dennis Showalter and the history of armour during Second World War 48
Kaushik Roy

Where does theory go in military history? 68
Jeremy Black

The business of war untangled: Cities as fiscal-military hubs in Europe (1530s1860s) 80
Peter H. Wilson and Marianne Klerk

Humour, neutrality, and preparedness: American satirical magazines and the First
World War, 19141917 104
Vincent Trott

The Bear in the Room: Gallipoli, Russia, and the First World War 137
David Trudinger

Air Power and Allenbys Army: Combined Arms in Palestine 19171918 157
James Halstead

The cult of geography: Chinese riverine defence during the Battle of Wuhan,
19371938 185
Di Wu

A weapon too far: The British radiological warfare experience, 19401955 205
William King

The Germans and Air Power at Dieppe: The Raid and its Lessons from the
Other Side of the Hill 228
James Shelley

Operation Devon, Termoli 1943: A catalogue of errors? 248
Amy Muschamp

Book Reviews

Rethinking American Grand Strategy 268
Elizabeth Borgwardt, Christopher McKnight Nichols, and Andrew Preston (eds.)
(reviewer S.C.M. Paine)

The Zulu-Boer War, 1837-40 270
Michał Leśniewski
(reviewer Ian F. W. Beckett)

India, Empire and First World War Culture 272
Santanu Das,
(reviewer Gavin Rand)

Total War: An Emotional History 273
Claire Langhamer, Lucy Noakes, and Claudia Siebrecht (eds.)
(reviewer Birgit Schneider)

Allied Communication to the Public during the Second World War 275
Simon Eliot and Marc Wiggam (eds.)
(reviewer Marta García Cabrera)

Full Spectrum Dominance: Irregular Warfare and the War on Terror 277
Maria Ryan
(reviewer Christian Tripodi)

Urban Warfare in the Twenty-First Century 278
Anthony King
(reviewer Jonathan Boff)

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