TOC War in History Vol. 28 no. 4 (November 2021)

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New Issue of War in History, vol. 28, no. 4 (TOC can be accessed here:

A very fowle warre: Scorched earth, violence, and Thomas Howards French and
Scottish campaigns of 1522-1523
Neil Murphy

What is military labour? War, logistics, and the Mughals in early modern South Asia 736
Pratyay Nath
War without contact: Berenhorst, Bülow, and the avoidance of violence as the core
paradigm of military science

Arthur Kuhle
Montenegrin-British military cooperation against the French in the Bay of Kotor

Saša Knežević and Boris Vukićević
Survive to be critical: The Wartime Graphic as a masquerading media in the Russo-
Japanese War, 1904-1905

Yu Sakai
The desertions crisis in the Irish defence forces during the Second World War,

Joseph Quinn
Shopping in wartime Italy: On the purchases made by German troops, tourists, and
politicians, 1940/1941

Malte König
From Sevastopol to Sukhumi and back again: British naval liaison in action with the
Red Navy in the Black Sea, 1941-1945

Martin H Folly
Strategic culture and intelligence failure: British intelligence on Japan before the
ImphalKohima battle, 19431944

Zhongtian Han
Turning point in the Sinai: The great armoured battle of 14 October 1973 908
David Rodman

Book Reviews
The Grand Strategy of the Habsburg Empire 925
A.Wess Mitchell, Sulmaan Khan, Hal Brands, and Paul Rahe
(reviewer John Scott)

The Russian Conquest of Central Asia: A Study in Imperial Expansion, 18141914 934
Alexander Morrison
(reviewer Malika Zekhni)

The Quest for Security: Sovereignty, Race, and the Defense of the British Empire,
18981931 936
Jesse Tumblin
(reviewer Greg Kennedy)

Environmental Histories of the First World War 937
Richard P. Tucker, Tait Keller, J.R. McNeill, and Martin Schmid (eds)
(reviewer Alex Souchen)

Charles E. Callwell and the British Way in Warfare 939
Daniel Whittingham
(reviewer David Morgan-Owen)

The Coolies Great War: Indian Labour in a Global Conflict, 19141921 940
Radhika Singha
(reviewer Kate Imy)

The Italian War on the Eastern Front, 19411943, Operations, Myths and Memories 942
Bastian Matteo Scianna
(reviewer Emanuele Sica)

Saigon at War: South Vietnam and the Global Sixties 943
Heather Marie Stur
(reviewer Phi-vân Nguyen)

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