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I'm looking for published collection of a WWII GI's letters to and from home for some analysis. Could be child to parents, between partners (husband-wife) or friends, etc. The hard part is finding letters of both parties in same volume; there seem to be a lot of published letters from the GI only, not those in return. Ideally perhaps a family member found stash of letters from dad to grandparent but also from grandparent back to dad, then put them in proper sequence for the book.

If there is nothing like this out there, Plan B is to use "GI only" variety. Quick amazon search of these pulls up:

Anne P. Cooper, War of Movement

H. Curtis, Letters Home

John Lauteres, Letters Home

Sally Pullman, Letters Home (female nurse in PTO)

Steve Yeager, My Father's War

Does assembled group know of others that are better?

Plan C might be archival collection, any knowledge of a good one?

Thanks, Rob

Hello, if you aren’t tied to WW2, my recommendation is This Infernal War: The Civil War Letters of William and Jane Standard (Kent State 2018) is a rich correspondence between an Illinois wife and mother and her husband in Sherman’s Army of the Tennessee. Tim Roberts

I reviewed the book The Lost Soldier: The Ordeal of a World War II GI from the Home Front to the Hürtgen Forest which contains a wonderful insight into the correspondence between the wife and the soldier.

Have a look:

It may not be exactly what Robert Kirchubel is looking for, but I have completed a ms containing the personal and family letters of RCAF LAC James Sherk during WW II. In addition to these letters, I chronicle LAC's Sherk's stationing on many training sites across half of Canada and the UK, as well as commenting on contemporary Canadian political events and developments. The work emphasizes the aching desire of Sherk for reunion and his family, and vice-versa. But it was not to be; LAC Sherk was killed on his last training flight, in a Whitley bomber in October of 1943.

If interested, I'd be glad to send an e-mail copy.


Stanley Sandler