WWII US Army Acronyms

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I am directing a WW2 Digital History project and am looking for a glossary of frequently used U.S. Army acronyms.  Many lists, I have found, are not specific to WW2 and/or are comprehensive, or focus on slang.  I'd rather not have to comb through thousands of entries to come up with a list of the most common acronyms.  Can anyone assist?  Thanks much in advance.

Greetings Edward Gitre,

Regarding World War II US Army frequently used acronyms there are three sources I am aware of that may be of assistance to you. 

First is the TM 20-205 Dictionary of US Army Terms, 1944.  It gives concise and accurate explanations to military terms and has a list of acronyms. It helped me to understand the precise meanings of terms in US Army lexicon circa World War 2 for the purposes of syncing terms from different languages. Short of reading period literature it is a single best source I can think of on WW2 era terminology in English.

You can download it here.

Since your goal is different than mine was, another book you may consider looking into is the AR 850-150 Authorized Abbreviations and Symbols, 1945. Link to a copy of it is here.

Lastly FM 21-30 Conventional Signs, Military Symbols and Abbreviations, 1941 has a section titled "Military Abbreviations" toward the end of the book. Link.


You might also look at "SNAFU: Sailor, Airman, and Soldier Slang of World War II by Gordon L. Rottman.