New Podcast - Military Historians are People, Too!

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We've started a new podcast on military historians and scholars of war and society, focusing on who's behind the names and faces you see on book covers and in documentaries. How did these historians get into history? What floats their boat about their special areas of study? Why do they think it matters? And what do these historians do when they are doing history? You may be surprised, but Military Historians are People, Too! Join us - history professors and military historians Brian Feltman (@BrianKFeltman) and Bill Allison (@ProfBillAllison) will help you get to know some of the best military historians in the business, and you might learn a thing or two along the way! Episode 1 with Prof. Heather Marie Stur (@HeatherMStur) is now available, with more to follow!

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This looks fantastic! Where can we find transcriptions? I'm not able to listen to podcasts and need to read transcriptions. I'm looking forward to learning more!