Available for SMH Panel - Middle East Specalist

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  Fellow Scholars and H-War Professionals,

      I am posting this because I have seen some people asking for last minute panel participants or needed scholars for filling out panels.

      My name is James Bowden, M.A. and I am a research historian whose focus in on the Middle East. I am also an in-between posts World History teacher that arrived back in the US from teaching in Mongolia for the last two-years at The Shildeg School in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

       In 2015 I presented a paper at SMH in Montgomery, AL and the title was, "American Female Soldiers & Perceptions in the Muslim World” through the gender and war panel. My most recently published paper was in December of last year and it was entitled, Send the Archers”: Archery’s Primary Role in Canaanite-Levantine Military Thought"  published through Revista Universitaria de Historia Militar. As you can see, I have period flexibility and can deliver a paper generally for any time period within the Middle Eastern region.

      I know that since many panels are already filled and this has been on-going for some time my paper will be put together in a short time but I can promise professionalism in researching and presenting it. If you would like to contact me please do so through my email address of james.bowden5@gmail.com or through my James Bowden, M.A. profile on LinkedIn.com, or even through my profile here on H-War. 

      I look forward to hearing from you and helping you to achieve success on your panel.


James Bowden, M.A.