Nazi Architectural Decoration

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A friend recently purchased a home in the American midwest, that clearly has a Nazi architectural feature. The house was built in 1926, and went thru a remodel in the late 1930s. Over about six windows on three exterior walls of the house are what appear to be 1 foot square tiles, "standing" on their tips. They are divided into nine equal fields (like tic-tac-toe/hashtag); the four fields at the points have a swastika at Nazi 45 degree angle; the four fields on the sides have an obvious German Iron Cross; the center field seems to have a runic symbol. The tiles have been on the house as long as any neighbor can remember. Records indicate people with German names lived in the house in the '30s and WWII. I assume they are prewar since I find it hard to believe that clearly Nazi symbology would have been acceptable during or after WWII. Any ideas? Contact me at rkirchub [at], I can provide an image.

Rob Kirchubel