"J’irai revoir ma Normandie”: French-Canadian Infantry Units in Normandy" - LCMSDS Maple Leaf Route Webinar Series

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In the sixth instalment of the LCMSDS Maple Leaf Route Webinar Series, Dr. Caroline D'Amours discusses French Canada’s response to the Second World War. It is often reduced to questions related to its voluntary enlistment rates and its massive rejection of conscription. As a result, its contributions to Canada’s war effort are often marginalized. Still, like so many Canadian units, the Régiment de la Chaudière, the Régiment de Maisonneuve, and the Fusiliers Mont-Royal fought with determination and courage in Normandy.

In this talk, issues like casualties, reinforcements, morale but also identity and language specifically impacted the experience of French-Canadian infantrymen in Normandy will be examined. War diaries, censorship reports, memoirs, and oral histories help understand the way French-Canadian infantrymen cope with the realities of the Normandy battlefield.

DATE: July 28th @ 7:30pm ET on Zoom

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