The View from Point 67: Canada’s Killing Zone in the Second Half of the Battle of Normandy

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In the fourth installment of the LCMSDS Maple Leaf Route Webinar Series, Lee Windsor will discuss Canada's Killing Zone during the Battle of Normandy: Point 67. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Canadians flocked to Juno Beach and Overlord historic sites in Normandy related to the famous June 1944 events. Fewer travelled inland in search of the Canadian Army’s experience in July and August when ground force commitments quadrupled and combat intensified. The Canadian Battlefields Foundation (CBF) viewing area and memorial site at Point 67 is the launch pad for Lee Windsor’s reflection on 26 years of visits there with veterans, students, soldiers, and teachers. The location fuels red hot discussions of how the second half of the Battle of Normandy matters in Canada’s history. The ground visible from that commanding lookoff is the epicentre of controversy and a place where both sides practiced savagely sophisticated, technologically-enhanced killing.

Date: June 30th at 7:30pm ET on Zoom

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