In the Beginning................Military Uses of Space, Congress Report on USSR 1962-1965

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920 pages in total, The Staff Committee Report , details Hearings of the US Congress, Science and Astronautics Committee during 89th Congress, 2nd Session, focused upon Cold War, Soviet Union Space Programs and activities. Replete with references, source materials, Tass letters, even pictures of leading Soviet Communist Space Scientists from this beginning era to Soviet Russia's Space History, the Hearings Report included a few references to military interests and possible uses of Space, though its main focus presents the Cold War era cooperations and peaceful space uses by both the USSR and the US.

One area mentioned in this included materials discussed ever so briefly satellites as bombardment weapons and systems for military purposes.[1] It demonstrates an area realized as potential to global strikes during the early 1960s, now having a 60 year passage which has seen the collapse of the Soviet Union and its Communist Empire but not the abilities of a reemergent Russian Space history, which has included a more  self declared ability to use missilery and technology to projects its ambitions and presumed defenses. This earlier History from the Kennedy-Johnson years with Premier Krushchev already indicated how advanced technology made changes to parameters for global war from those already known and experienced through the 20th Century WW I and WW II.

Sections included in this Report concerned with International Law and space applications delve further into some dimensions to military history, as developed earlier. These include an emphasis by the US and Air Force on a lack of interest in sustaining non-miilitary history for space developments at that moment.

Climbing to the Heavens had given a view of unlimited potential and actual uses for military force in history, over the entirety of Earth regardless of differences in political and social, economic conditions or legal boundries. These consequences were realized extending into space as boundaries and consequences for actions both in space and upon Earth.

[1] bombardment satellites discussed on pp.74-75 of the 89th Congress Hearings Report. Published, 1966. Soviet Space programs and Goals 1962-1965; Hearings Report.