Not Dead Yet!!! Yes, the Society for Military History Annual Meeting 20-23 May in Norfolk, is happening.

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Contrary to the rumors, the SMH 2021 In-Person Conference starting 20 May in Norfolk is indeed occurring.

This week, a well-known academic press issued an erroneous social media post stating that the in-person portion of the SMH Conference was not happening.  This caused a minor flutter on social media.  The press has apologized and is issuing a retraction.  I have asked that they chip in and buy the first round for in-person attendees...I am waiting on a response.

To paraphrase Churchill, a lie travels around the world before the truth can get its pants on in the morning.  Please let your friends and colleagues  that the in-person SMH Conference is a GO!!!  Moreover, if you would like to register for either the live/in-person or virtual conference, we are keeping registration open.  

Finally, for those of you who saw our Gucci SMH facemask (red SMH logo on black mask) on the SMH Facebook page, extra masks are available for sale on the conference website via either the In-Person or Virtual Registration tabs.  

2021 Annual Meeting | The Society for Military History (


Bryon Greenwald, Ph.D.

SMH 2021 Conference Coordinator




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