TOC, Intelligence and National Security, vol. 36 no.1, 2021

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Table of Contents: Intelligence and National Security vol. 36 no. 1, 2021 (subscription required)

The impact of ‘Tempest’ on Anglo-American communications security and intelligence, 1943–1970. By David Easter, pgs. 1-16

‘Extremely valuable work’: British intelligence and the interrogation of refugees in London, 1941–45. By Artemis Joanna Photiadou, pgs. 17-33

Small state or minor power? New Zealand’s Five Eyes membership, intelligence reforms, and Wellington’s response to China’s growing Pacific role. By Austin Gee & Robert G. Patman, pgs. 34-50

Compartmentalized minds: the Communist security services’ understanding of the Western espionage threat to the Communist bloc during the Cold War. By Paul Maddrell, pgs. 51-71
Shadowing ‘the exceptional’ behind the ‘ordinary’: mapping a network of intelligence laundering. By Vanessa Ugolini & M. L. R. Smith, pgs. 72-94
The limited influence of competitive intelligence over corporate strategy in Israel: historical, organizational, conceptual, and cultural explanations. By Itai Shapira, pgs. 95-115
Explaining the depth and breadth of international intelligence cooperation: towards a comprehensive understanding. By Pepijn Tuinier, pgs. 116-138
Book Reviews
Security as politics: beyond the state of exception
by Andrew W. Neal, Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press, 2019, 288pp., £80/$US104.00 (Hardback), ISBN: 9781474450928
Reviewed by David P. Oakley, pgs. 139-141
The authorised history of British defence economic intelligence
by Peter Davies, London and New York, Routledge, 2019, 376 pp., £120 (hardback); 376 pp., £36.99 (Pbk) with 6 appendices, chapter notes, bibliography and index, ISBN 978-1-138-65828-8
Reviewed by David Omand, pgs. 141-144
Seapower states: maritime culture, continental empires, and the conflict that made the modern world
by Andrew Lambert, London, Yale University Press, 2019, xviii+400 pp., 13 maps. 18 colour and 17 black and white illustrations. Appendix, glossary, £11.99 (paperback), ISBN 9780300251487
Reviewed by Rob Cullum, pgs. 144-147
American Spy: wry reflections on my life in the CIA
by H. K. Roy, Amherst, NY, Prometheus Books, 2019, 304 pp., 24 colour plates, $29.98 (hardback), ISBN 9781633885882.
Reviewed by Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones, pgs. 147-149
Agents of influence: a British campaign, a Canadian spy, and the secret plot to bring America into World War II
Henry Hemming, New York, PublicAffairs, 2019, 371 pp., $28 (Hardback), ISBN 978-1541742147
Reviewed by Kurt F. Jensen, pgs. 149-151
No shadows in the desert: murder, vengeance, and espionage in the war against ISIS
by Samuel M. Katz, New York, Hanover Square Press, 2020, 368 pp., $28.99 (hardback), ISBN 978-1335013835
Reviewed by Ryan Shaffer, pgs. 152-153
The Moscow rules: the secret CIA tactics that helped America win the Cold War
by Antonio J. Mendez and Jonna Mendez, New York, PublicAffairs, 2019, 238 pp., $28 (Hardback), ISBN: 978-1-5417-6219-0
Reviewed by Kurt F. Jensen, pgs. 153-156
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