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H-War is rolling out a new feature this week: our military history journal watch.  We will be publishing the tables of contents and links to the issues of selected military history journals.  Doing this are two new members of the H-War Editor group (Collective?  Cadre?).  Please welcome Dr. Jennifer Finn of Marquette University, who specializes in ancient military history, and Mr. Charles Harris of the University of South Florida, who works in Gilded Age naval history.*  You'll see posts from them with the TOCs going forward, and I'm sure they'd be grateful for suggestions of journals they might track.  The editors of journals are also welcome to ping them when a new issue comes out.

More announcements to come.


David Silbey

H-War List Editor

*Yes, we did this directly because of John Kuehn's call for more naval history.**

**No, we didn't.  Sorry.

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This is an excellent initiative. They may already be on the radar of Drs. Finn and Harris, but I would certainly encourage them to have the main intelligence journals on their radar as they frequently have military history content:

--Journal of Intelligence History
--Intelligence and National Security
--International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence.

Best wishes for a great endeavor.

--Mark Stout
Johns Hopkins University