Call for Papers - A Necessary Victory? The Context and Consequences of the Battle of Britain

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Call for Papers

A Necessary Victory? The Context and Consequences of the Battle of Britain

A Conference to be held at the Royal Air Force Museum in conjunction with the University of Exeter and the British Commission for Military History

26 September 2015

Twenty--fifteen marks the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain. Through iconic images such as Guy Hamilton’s 1969 film The Battle of Britain, the Battle maintains a specific place in British collective memory. Furthermore, the Battle of Britain is one of the most celebrated events in the history of the Royal Air Force due to the role of Fighter Command in defending the nation against the threat of invasion in 1940. Recently, however, historians have begun to question some of the myths that surround this important event in British history. This conference aims to reassess these myths and the Battle of Britain’s contribution to victory in the Second World War in both its global and regional perspectives. Areas to be considered might include: What new approaches might scholars bring to the history of the Battle of Britain? How have historians’ understandings of the Battle of Britain changed? What was the role of the other services in preparing for invasion? How did Germany view the Battle of Britain and the importance of Operation Seelowe? How was the Battle of Britain viewed in the international arena? ? What is the cultural legacy of the Battle of Britain? Papers on other themes are also encouraged.

This one-day conference invites 20-minute papers from scholars working in the fields of military, political, cultural, diplomatic, international, colonial, transnational, and comparative history, and encourages interdisciplinary contributions. In addition to established academics, the organisers are keen to receive proposals from postgraduate students, early careers scholars and those with professional experience.

Paper proposals must be submitted to the email below by 1 July 2015 along with a 300 word abstract and curriculum vitae.

Additional conference details and registration information will be available soon. It is planned to publish the conference proceedings at a future date.

The Call for Papers can be downloaded here.

Conference Organisers
Ross Mahoney (Aviation Historian, RAF Museum and the British Commission for Military History)
Professor Richard Overy (University of Exeter)