Probability of kill for American Civil War artillery and infantry

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Dear H-Warriors,

My organization ( is modeling Pickett's Charge in an effort to improve/expand/modernize old Lanchester type attrition models. Our fluid dynamics prof is having one body of fluid smash into another. Last month we had an article on our early work on the topic published in the online "Journal of the Operational Research Society."

Civil War is not exactly my thing, but we need solid math on probablity of kill for 12 lb Napoleons, 10 lb Parrotts, 10 lb 3" Ordnance Rifles, in particular using canister rounds, plus muskets found at Gettysburg. I've heard good things about Downey, The Guns at Gettysburg and Hess, The Rifle Musket in Civil War Combat, but have not been able to get my hands on them yet...and frankly doubt they will have hard data my guy needs. Any help will be appreciated.

Rob Kirchubel