Looking for a Solid Textbook on Warfare, which covers the period 1400 to the Present

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     I have not taught a section of History of Modern Warfare to my undergraduate students for about six years now.  The course has a broad base, focusing on the ways that warfare in the West affected society on the one hand, and on the other, how developments in society and technology impacted war.  Years ago, I used Keegans History of Warfare and then moved to a more pricey textbook.  I also experimented with not using any textbook at all one year.  My goal is to adopt a text that is available on multiple platforms, but will settle for one that is historiographically sound and takes into account the various social and technological transitions during the period c. 1400-2000.   Any suggestions on the part of colleagues would be greatly appreciated. 

Vincent V. Patarino Jr., Ph.D.

Colorado Mesa University