Philippines military strength 1962-1990

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I am researching the development of the Armed Forces of the Philippines between 1962 and 1990 with a focus on the Marcos era and especially martial law. Is there anything helpful out there?

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I'd suggest having a look at the CIA's online Freedom of Information Action Electronic Reading Room. It's got an enormous wealth of documents.

On the bean counting aspects of this, IISS' "The Military Balance" is always helpful.


Mark Stout
Johns Hopkins University

This very useful little book from Helion in the UK (at a reasonable price), well illustrated and useful maps, is used as a primer from members of the Australian Army going to the country as part of the training team :

MORRIS Aaron. Counterinsurgency in Paradise. Seven Decades of Civil War in the Philippines. Asia @ War No 1. Helion, Solihull, 2017. Illustrated card cover, 64p., photographs, maps.

This photographic book has a section on vehicles in the period requested, both combat and support, of the army and marines, with useful descriptive photo captions.

ARTHUR Gordon. Southeast Asia Army Vehicles : Army Vehicles of Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore. Tankograd Publishing, Am Weichselgarte, Germany, 2008. Illustrated card cover, 64p.

In regard to martial law, there has been a number of items published with the Singaporean professional press, while UK, Australia and USA professional journals have put up various articles.