"Faces of War" International Conference

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March 20, 2021 to March 21, 2021
United Kingdom
Subject Fields: 
Government and Public Service, Peace History / Studies

War has been a constant aspect of human eras since ancient times. In fact, the idea of conflict as a means of achieving useful results has always been present in the history of evolution. Even if after the end of the Second World War when a new peaceful approach towards dispute resolution has been promoted by the most powerful nations in the world, tensions have become risen again in the last few decades, particularly in some territories of the world.

Since 2021 will mark the thirtieth anniversary since the outbreak of the Yugoslaw Wars and the end of the First Gulf War to name but a few, it is necessary to examine the themes and approaches studied in the field of War Studies and to offer a contribution towards a careful analysis of future scenarios.

We invite academics from different backgrounds, including but not limited to history, philosophy, law, politics, sociology, literature, religion, economics, art, geography, anthropology, psychology, war industry, military science and cyberscience.

Proposals should be related, but not limited, to:

history of war;

philosophy of war;

legal regulation of war;

war policies;

sociology of war;

war literature;

war and cinema;

war and religion;

commercial wars;

representation of war in the Arts;

geography of war;

terror wars;

civil wars;

war and anthropology;

war and psychology;

war industry;

military science;



Paper proposals should be sent by 5 December 2020 to: warstudies@lcir.co.ukPlease download Paper proposal form.

Registration fee – 90 GBP

* Provisional venue: Birkbeck College, University of London

Contact Info: 

Dr. Olena Lytovka

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