Journal of Advanced Military Studies 11, no. 1

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Marine Corps University Press is pleased to announce that the new issue of the Journal of Advanced Military Studies on innovation and future war is now available for download in PDF format. You can download the PDF here:

Our upcoming issue for the Fall 2020 Journal of Advanced Military Studies is on naval integration, for which we are still accepting submissions (email for inquiries). The Spring 2020 issue on innovation and future war is at the press and will be available in print form soon, and you can preorder print copies by emailing or by visiting our website

Below is the table of contents for the current issue:

Contents                                                                                       Vol. 11, No. 1


From the Editors                                                                   


brute krulak center for innovation and creativity

      Think Tank, Do Tank: The Brute Krulak Center               

      for Innovation and Creativity

      Donald M. Bishop


      Future War, from the Tip of a Pen                                 

      Valerie Jackson


innovation and future warfare

      History as an Enemy and an Instructor:                         

      Lessons Learned from Haiti, 1915–34

      Christopher Davis, PhD


      Slot Machine Warfare: China’s Campaign to Undermine 

      American Military Plans in the Commonwealth

      of the Northern Mariana Islands

      Evan N. Polisar


      Political Warfare: The People’s Republic of China’s Strategy       

      “to Win without Fighting”

      Professor Kerry K. Gershaneck


      MEF Innovation Team (MIT): Discovering and Solving    

      the MEF’s Complex Problems

      Major Troy E. Mitchell, PhD


      Seeking Alpha in the Security Cooperation Enterprise:   

      A New Approach to Assessments and Evaluations

      Captain James R. R. Van Eerden

      Automation and the Future of Command and Control: 

      The End of Auftragstaktik?

      Lieutenant Colonel Rosario M. Simonetti and Paolo Tripodi, PhD


      Exploring Predictability in Armed Conflict                      

      David E. McCullin


      Protectors without Prerogative: The Challenge of Military       

      Defense against Information Warfare

      Christopher Whyte, PhD


      Fit for Future Conflict?: American Strategic Culture       185

      in the Context of Great Power Competition

      Jeannie L. Johnson, PhD



      How U.S. Government Policy Documents Are Addressing       

      the Increasing National Security Implications

      of Artificial Intelligence

      Bert Chapman



      Documenting Changing Intelligence Ecosystems           

      Carl Anthony Wege



      The End of Strategic Stability?: Nuclear Weapons and the       

      Challenge of Regional Rivalries

      edited by Lawrence Rubin and Adam N. Stulberg

      Reviewed by William C. Mayborn, PhD


      Global Defense Procurement and the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter                                                                             

      by Bert Chapman

      Reviewed by Steven J. Childs, PhD


      Innovating in a Secret World: The Future of National Security                                                                            

      and Global Leadership

      by Tina P. Srivastava

      Reviewed by Brian Jirout, PhD


      The Lessons of Tragedy: Statecraft and World Order    

      by Hal Brands and Charles Edel

      Reviewed by Ian Oxnevad, PhD


      Love Your Enemies: How Decent People Can Save America       

      from the Culture of Contempt

      by Arthur C. Brooks

      Reviewed by Lieutenant Colonel Richard A. McConnell, USA (Ret), DM


      Needs and Opportunities in the Modern History of the U.S. Navy                                                                                 

      edited by Michael J. Crawford

      Reviewed by Ambjörn L. Adomeit


      Poland, Germany and State Power in Post–Cold War Europe:                                                                            

      Asymmetry Matters

      by Stefan Szwed

      Reviewed by Martin J. Kozon


      Surrogate Warfare: The Transformation of War            

      in the Twenty-first Century

      by Andreas Krieg and Jean-Marc Rickli

      Reviewed by Troy E. Mitchell, PhD


      Tokens of Power: Rethinking War                                

      by Ann Hironaka

       Reviewed by Christopher N. Blaker