History Summit 2020!

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History Summit is a virtual book festival where you can meet your favorite authors, learn about their work, and participate in live question and answer sessions. Tune in on April 25, 2020, to join us! Please visit the site to see the list of these outstanding historians!

Videos and Live Q & A From Your Favorite Historians!

Here is the lineup!

Lindsay Chervinsky, Julian Zelizer, Jen Manion, Sarah Jane Marsh, Serena Zabin, Whitney Martinko, Megan Kate Nelson, Ann Tucker, Benjamin Park, Ann Tucker, Lauren Turek, James Carter, Joshua Greenberg, John G. Turner, Paige Glotzer, Shannon Bontrager, Le'Trice Donaldson, Jamie Goodall, Adam H. Domby, David Head, Richard Bell, Peniel Joseph, Douglas Boin.


Click on the link below to see profiles and the books each author will be discussing.

History Summit 2020