Seeking information on World War II army units

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I am seeking advice for someone who is doing genealogical research on his grandfather and grandfather’s units during the Second World War and ran across a group of his photos of the war and the French liberation. The units he has been trying to hunt down are the 612th Ordnance Battalion, also sometimes noted as 3612th OBAM and the 524 Ord. HMCo. He has been struggling to obtain information on either unit through the DoD and is hoping someone might be able to point in a new direction. He has some related photos should these be helpful.

Please feel free to respond to me with any suggestions or requests to see the phots – 

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The 612th Ordnance Battalion is properly the 612th Ordnance Base Maintenance Battalion (the OBAM in the note). A history was published in 1945 - "612th Ordnance Base Maintenance Battalion: A Brief History," Robert S. Houseman, editor, published by the Engineer Depot E-517, Le Mans, France. Abe Books has two copies for sale, albeit somewhat expensive. The U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center in Carlisle, PA has a copy. The web site "Back to Normandy" shows the location for the 612th during their time in England. I've downloaded the unit material from Fold3 - they have the "official" unit history, but it is very skimpy. I would be happy to send this on to the researcher if he/she contacts me by email:

Material on the 524th Ordnance Heavy Maintenance Company is even scarcer. I've downloaded the Fold3 material, which has some unit location information and a March 1945 monthly history. Again, I'd be happy to supply this - please contact me by email.

I would suggest a visit to NARA Archives II in College Park to see if more information is available there - probably is given that Fold3 has material.

The units he seems to be referring to are the 3162th Ordnance Company, 612th Ordnance Base Armament Maintenance Battalion. There was a published history of the battalion from 1945 and it is still listed on Amazon or might be obtainable through inter-library loan. The library at the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center in Carlisle, PA has a very extensive collection of WWII unit histories; they may have it and they have an on-line digital finding aid. The Department of Defense does not maintain unit records from World War II except for some personnel files. The unit records are at National Archives and Records Administration II in College Park, MD. If he is serious about pursuing research, a very valuable aid is Jonathan Gawne’s book “Finding Your Father's War: A Practical Guide to Researching and Understanding Service in the World War II Us Army” which explains a lot of these issues.