Anti-War and Anti-Militarism Movements on Film

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Today we highlight our collection of anti-war and anti-militarism films, from history films about the Philippine-American War and World War II, to our newsreels about the Anti-Vietnam War movement, to contemporary documentaries about anti-war movements in the U.S. territories of Guam and Puerto Rico. 

Philippine-American War

Memories of a Forgotten War

Camilla Benolirao Griggers/Sari Lluch Dalena, 2002, 57 min., US/The Philippines


The Momentary Enemy

Angel Velasco Shaw, Producer: Maria Christina Villaseñor, 2008, 25 min., US/The Philippines

World War II

Hiroshima Nagasaki Download

Shinpei Takeda, 2010, 73 min., US/Japan


Some Divine Wind

Roddy Bogawa, 1991, 72 min., US


Resistance at Tule Lake

Konrad Aderer, 2017, 78 min., US Endure

Bob Miyamoto, Drawings by Betty Chen, 1982, 6 min., US


Lest We Forget

Jason DaSilva, 2003, 80 min., US

Korean War

Homes Apart: Korea

J.T. Takagi & Christine Choy, Producer: Third World Newsreel, 1991, 56 min., US/Korea


The Women Outside: Korean Women and the U.S. Military

J.T. Takagi & Hye Jung Park, Producer: Third World Newsreel, 1995, 60 min., US/South Korea


Camp Arirang

Diana S. Lee & Grace Yoon-Kung Lee, 1995, 29 min., BW, US/South Korea

Vietnam War

America a.k.a. Amerika

Newsreel, 1969, 30 min., BW, US


Resist - With Noam Chomsky a.k.a. Chomsky-Resist (Newsreel #1)

Newsreel, 1968, 12 min., BW, US


No Game (Newsreel #2)

Marvin Fishman and Masanori Oe, Producer: Newsreel, 1968, 17 min., BW, US


Four American Sailors a.k.a. Four Americans (Newsreel #3)

Newsreel, 1967, 19 min., BW, Japan/US


Jeannette Rankin Brigade (Newsreel #4)

Newsreel, 1968, 8 min., BW, US


Mill-In a.k.a. The Christmas Mill-In (Newsreel #6)

Newsreel, 1968, 12 min., BW, US


Boston Draft Resistance Group a.k.a. BDRG (Newsreel #7)

Newsreel, 1968, 18 min., BW, US


Resist-Resistance a.k.a. Resist and the New England Resistance (Newsreel #8)

Producer: Newsreel, 10 min., BW, US


Catonsville Nine (Newsreel #18)

Newsreel, 15 min., BW, US


Army a.k.a. Army Film (Newsreel #36)

Newsreel, 1969, 18 min., BW, US


People's War (Newsreel #43)

Newsreel, Producer: Newsreel, 1969, 40 min., BW, US


Only the Beginning (Newsreel #59)

Newsreel, 1971, 20 min., BW, US


Summer '68 (Newsreel #505)

Norman Fruchter & John Douglas, Producer: Newsreel, 1969, 60 min., BW, US


Another Brother

Tami Gold, 1998, 51 min., US

Central American Wars

Chronicle of Hope: Nicaragua

Allan Siegel, Producer: Third World Newsreel, 1985, 50 min., US/Nicaragua


Sanctuary: An Expression of Conscience

Third World Newsreel Workshop, 1989, 23 min., US


Enemies of War

Esther Cassidy, 2001, 58 min., US/El Salvador

Persian Gulf War

Not Channel Zero Goes to War

Black Planet Productions, 1992, 30 min.,

After 9/11

Homeland Insecurity

Third World Newsreel, 2001, 6 min., US


Through My Eyes

Shawn Batey, Producer: Third World Newsreel, 2001, 10 min., US


We, Too, Sing America: Racist Backlash in the Aftermath of September 11

Yun Jong Suh, Producer: Third World Newsreel, 2001, 12 min., US


December 7/September 11

Ann Brandman & Paul Nishijima, Producer: Third World Newsreel, 2001, 15 min., US


Scenes from An Endless War (2001-2002)

Norman Cowie, 2002, 32 min., US


Outside Lookin' In

Karen Torres, 2002, 15 min., US



Sedika Mojadidi, Producer: Third World Newsreel, 2002, 12 min., US


Homeland Resistance: Words from the Peace Protesters

Nashid Fareed, Producer: Third World Newsreel, 2003, 11 min., US


Military Promises

Kamisha S., 2005, 8 min., US


Latino Poets Speakout

Renata Gangemi & Ruben Gonzalez, 2005, 10 min., US


Military Option

Al Santana & Alonzo Speight, Producer: Third World Newsreel, 2005, 11 min., US


Food, Water, Revolution

Danya Abt, 2006, 13 min., US



Brigid Maher, 2005, 20 min., US/Iraq

Anti-Militarism Movements

Living Along the Fenceline

Lina Hoshino & Gwyn Kirk, 2012, 65 min., US


War for Guam

Frances Negrón-Muntaner, 2015, 57 min., US


Vieques: An Endless Battle

Juan C Dávila, 2016, 68 min., Puerto Rico

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