All WWII NC Military Base Newsletters Now Online

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A collection of North Carolina military installation camp newsletters and newspapers from World War II are now available online as part of the State Archives of North Carolina’s Military Collection. As part of a two-year digitization project begun in 2018 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of World War II, the State Archives has been digitizing unique, and in some cases, complete runs of newsletter issues published by military officials and various base units during the war, such as Camp Lejeune, Camp Davis, Morris Field, and Elizabeth City Naval Air Station.


Most of these newsletters were collected between 1942 and 1947 by the State Archives, sent from the various military base public relations offices or soldiers stationed at those installations. The newsletters have been available for use by the public at the State Archives since 1947 for research. However, the State Archives saw a need to place all of the newsletters online in order to increase statewide, national, and international use of their invaluable information.


Many of these newsletters were informally published by various units while briefly stationed at bases such as Fort Bragg. Much of the information and news leaned toward a more humorous and playful side. One of the most important things about the newsletters is that they contain names of individuals in military units, civilian workers in various departments on base, female civilian and military personnel working at the installations, and news of casualties formerly stationed at those bases.


These newsletters also contain information regarding military entertainment, parades, and sports that were held on and off base for civilians in the communities surrounding the military installations. They contain little-known information about life in North Carolina during WWII.

All of the newsletters have been digitized and placed in the North Carolina Digital Collections (NCDC)—a joint effort of the State Archives of North Carolina and State Library of North Carolina—at

Below is a complete list of the camp publications by camp name and publication name:

Army Air Forces Technical Training Center #10 (Greensboro, N.C.) newsletter titles: The Ord News, 10-Shun, and The Rotator           


Asheville Naval Convalescent Hospital: At Ease


Buck Creek Civilian Public Service Camp No. 19 (Marion, NC): Calumet


Camp Butner newsletter titles: The Flash Lightning Strikes Twice and official Army press releases


Camp Davis (Onslow County, N.C.): The AA Barrage (originally The Barrage—majority percentage of original issues produced online)


Camp Lejeune newsletter titles: The New River Marine, The Word, New River Pioneer, The Camp Lejeune Globe, and official Marine Corps press releases from Camp Lejeune


Camp Mackall (Southern Pines, N.C.): The Thirteener


Camp Sutton (Monroe, NC): The Caryall


Elizabeth City Coast Guard Air Station: On Guard


Elizabeth City Naval Air Station: The Pasquotank Patrol (complete issues run)


Fort Bragg newsletter titles: The Black Panther, Cannon Roar, Hypo, The Observer, Reception News, 65th Pulse Beat, The Fort Bragg Post, and official Army press releases from Fort Bragg


Fort Fisher: The Dud


Greensboro Army Air Forces Overseas Replacement Depot: Ordealings


Lauringburg-Maxton Army Air Base: The Slipstream


Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Point newsletter titles: Cherry Point News and The Cherry Point Windsock       


Morris Field (Charlotte, NC): Morris Code (complete issues run 1942-1945), and New Morris Code


Seymour Johnson Air Force Base (Goldsboro, NC): Air-O-Mech    


UNC-Chapel Hill Navy Pre-flight School: Cloud Busters