Seeking Panelist for SMH 2020 - War, Culture, Policy, Memory

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Hello everyone,

I am a PhD candidate in the Department of History at the University of New Mexico, and by the time of the 2020 SMH conference in late April/early May 2020 will have defended my dissertation. I'm looking to complete a panel for the SMH 2020 Conference. My paper examines private, public, and official responses to the surrender of Bataan in 1942 and how people gave meaning to the surrender, and the ways that has affected how the surrender is commemorated in those same circles. The second paper (J. Davis Winkie, PhD student, Dept History, UNC) explores how early Cold War Hollywood representations of WWII were shaped by the U.S. military, and shows how the DOD wielded economic power to enforce a de facto censorship system on the period’s war films. We're looking for a third panelist who can present a paper that, in some form or fashion, deals with the intersection of war, culture, and policy. We are also looking for a chair and/or commentator. Proposals are due October 1. If interested, please email me at with your paper title, abstract, and one page CV.