Hazards of Civil War: Eastern Kentucky and Mail Services

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It only became available thru research of a personal[as well as professional] nature; below, from online source by its authoress in researching her family history, emerged this brief history. Probably, part of what were then minor or not too important events from the larger continental American Civil War, Eastern Kentucky experiences included this very brief history describing how Civil Wars and the American version from mid 19th Century life, affected communications, particularly Union mail services.

Without any further commentery, as an ancestor seems to been part to this history, the story below gives more depth to the lives and hazards for both compatants and noncombatants during the Civil War phase of Kentucky history on its western slopes of the Appalachia Mountains. Am deeply grateful to Marlitta Perkins for her posting online of this history and her research. It shows the effects of Rebellion by the South upon Union postal services, as well as the lives of those participated in that awful time as attempts to unravel the Union were known.


Eastern Kentucky and the Civil War

Tuesday, July 16, 2013