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Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2016.12.09

Victor Caston, Silke-Maria Weineck (ed.), Our Ancient Wars: Rethinking War through the Classics.   Ann Arbor:  University of Michigan Press2016.  Pp. vi, 289.  ISBN 9780472052981.  $45.00 (pb).   

Reviewed by Giorgia Proietti, University of Trento (


Publisher’s Preview
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Comparative studies based on different epochs and places in the ancient world are becoming more frequent in historical research. While politics (most of all the concept of democracy, on the one hand, and interstate power relationships, on the other) dominated comparative studies in the past, in recent years the experience of war and its aftermath, including individual and collective emotions, psychological reactions, and forms of commemoration, has come to the forefront as a main topic of comparative research.1 The present volume represents this latter trend well. 

The book stems from a conference held at the University of Michigan in 2012 that was organized by Victor Caston and Silke-Maria Weineck, who are also the editors of the book as well as the authors of its introduction and epilogue, respectively. The central theme of the conference and the fil rouge of the present volume is how Western thinking about war and war-related phenomena in the 20th and 21st centuries turns to ancient Greek reflection on the subject."

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