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Twenty-three years ago Mark Parillo, who then was my colleague at Kansas State University, introduced H-War by saying that “It should be clear from this that my interest in assisting with this list lies not in any inherent joy in the technology of the Internet but rather in my belief in this list's potential value as a research and communications tool for teachers, librarians, and researchers in the field of military history. Let us work together to realize this potential.”  It is safe to say that H-War has fulfilled much of that promise as one of H-Net’s most vibrant and productive networks, largely through many years of dedication by Mark and a succession of volunteer editors who have kept the network free of shouting, cant, and chest-thumping that plague so much of the internet.

The H-Net Home Office has supported editors with equipment, a job posting service, book review copyediting and publication, software, conferences and events announcements, and notices of new scholarship.  The collaboration between editors, subscribers, and H-Net’s professional staff is what has defined H-Net and allowed it to remain free and accessible.

We cannot do it without you!

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Peter Knupfer, PhD

Executive Director, H-Net: Humanities & Social Sciences Online

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I've been a subscriber to H-War since the late 1990s and an editor since 2003, and I can testify to Peter's point. H-War has been an amazingly vibrant community for more than two decades, and a large part of that is because of the support from H-Net itself.

David Silbey