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I am looking for readings on the subject of war cemeteries to assign to my 2nd-year undergraduates, and I wonder if anyone can recommend articles or chapter-length treatments surveying the history and principles of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission or the American Battle Monuments Commission? I am particularly interested in finding something that explores the difference in character between cemeteries of the two organizations.

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There is a recent book on memory and the Normandy Campaign that has chapters on Commonwealth, American, and German cemeteries in Normandy.

Geoffrey Bird, Sean Claxton, and Keir Reeves, Managing and Interpreting D-Day's Sites of Memory: Guardians of Remembrance (Taylor and Francis, 2016).

Mike Bechthold

A fairly recent book 'Empires of the Dead' by David Crane ISBN 978-0-00-745665-9 covers the creation of the CWGC (IWGC) after the First World War.

Thanks for the replies! Much appreciated.