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Cold War History 
ISSN (Print): 1468-2745
(Hybrid Journal) 
(3 new articles)
  1. Us Versus them: The United States, Radical Islam and the Rise of the Green Threat
  2. Securing sex: morality and repression in the making of Cold War Brazil
  3. Mecca of Revolution


War & Society 
ISSN (Print): 0729-2473 - ISSN (Online): 2042-4345
(Hybrid Journal) 
(4 new articles)
  1. Food on the Borderlands: Josie Underwood’s Civil War Diary and the Kentucky Home Front, 1860–1862
  2. The Spanish American War’s ‘Most Durable Hero’: Admiral Pasquale Cervera and Popular Heroic Values in the United States, 1898–...
  3. Naming and Claiming: Official History as Contemporary History in the Recording of New Zealand 23rd Battalion, Galatas, Crete, 1941
  4. Building Bridges of Trust: Child Transports from Finland to Sweden during the Second World War


First World War Studies 
ISSN (Print): 1947-5020 - ISSN (Online): 1947-5039
(Hybrid Journal) 
(8 new articles)
  1. Camp and combat on the Sinai and Palestine front
  2. Rethinking the depiction of shell-shock in British literature of the First World War, 1914–1918
  3. The disarmament of hatred: Marc Sangnier, French catholicism and the legacy of the First World War, 1914–1945
  4. Strategy and command: the Anglo-French coalition on the Western Front, 1914
  5. Antisemitism in the German military community and the Jewish response, 1914–1938
  6. Reading and the First World War: readers, texts, archives
  7. Serbia and the Balkan Front, 1914
  8. The flora of the Somme battlefield: a botanical perspective on a post-conflict landscape
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