TOC: The Journal of the Civil War Era Volume 7, Number 2, June 2017

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Journal of the Civil War Era 
ISSN (Print): 2154-4727 - ISSN (Online): 2159-9807
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(22 new articles)
  1. Editor's Note
  2. Rejuvenating Civil War Military History: A New Take on Infantry Tactics
  3. System, Process, Agency, and Contingency in the Study of Antebellum Policymaking: The Tariff of 1846
  4. "On Behalf of His Race and the Lemmon Slaves": Louis Napoleon, Northern Black Legal Culture, and the Politics of Sectional Crisis
  5. "Tell Us Something about State Rights": Northern Republicans, States' Rights, and the Coming of the Civil War
  6. "Twenty-Negro," or Overseer Law: A Reconsideration
  7. The Strange Career of Judge Lynch: Why the Study of Lynching Needs to Be Refocused on the Mid-Nineteenth Century
  8. Plantation Kingdom: The American South and Its Global Commodities. by Richard Follett, etal. (review)
  9. Finding Charity's Folk: Enslaved and Free Black Women in Maryland. by Jessica Millward (review)
  10. The Sacred Mirror: Evangelicalism, Honor, and Identity in the Deep South, 1790–1860. by Robert Elder (review)
  11. One Nation Divided by Slavery: Remembering the American Revolution while Marching toward the Civil War. by Michael F. Conlin (review)
  12. Confederate Political Economy: Creating and Managing a Southern Corporatist Nation. by Michael Brem Bonner (review)
  13. Lone Star Unionism, Dissent, and Resistance: Other Sides of Civil War Texas. ed. by Jesús F. de la Teja (review)
  14. Northern Character: College-Educated New Englanders, Honor, Nationalism, and Leadership in the Civil War Era. by Kanisorn Wongsrichanalai (review)
  15. From Hometown to Battlefield in the Civil War Era: Middle Class Life in Midwest America. by Timothy R. Mahoney (review)
  16. Excommunicated from the Union: How the Civil War Created a Separate Catholic America. by William B. Kurtz (review)
  17. Abolitionizing Missouri: German Immigrants and Racial Ideology in Nineteenth-Century America. by Kristen Layne Anderson (review)
  18. Reconstruction's Ragged Edge: The Politics of Postwar Life in the Southern Mountains. by Steven E. Nash (review)
  19. The Risen Phoenix: Black Politics in the Post–Civil War South. by Luis-Alejandro Dinnella-Borrego (review)
  20. Gender and the Jubilee: Black Freedom and the Reconstruction of Citizenship in Civil War Missouri. by Sharon Romeo (review)
  21. Educational Reconstruction: African American Schools in the Urban South, 1865–1890. by Hilary Green (review)
  22. New Men: Reconstructing the Image of the Veteran in Late-Nineteenth-Century American Literature and Culture. by John A. Casey Jr. (review)


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