SMH Panel Wars of George Bush's New World Order

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My name is Samantha A. Taylor and I am a doctoral candidate at the University of Southern Mississippi. I am trying to create a panel for SMH 2017 on Wars of the George Bush's New World Order, 1989-1993. If anyone is interested send a CV and a one page abstract to

Hi Samantha,

I am very interested in this panel. I am a graduate student at UNC Chapel Hill researching US policy towards IQ from 1990-2003 with a focus on domestic politics. I have one quick question: Is your time range flexible? I have a draft chapter about the rollback plan in Iraq that mostly deals with the Iraq Liberation Act and the preceding debates, so mainly 97-98. Is there any chance that this panel could be about post-CW foreign policy in the 1990's or the legacy of the Cold War in 1990's policy debates. I think my chapter would fit into either category.

Thank you,

Joe Stieb