Re: Turner on Mercogliano, 'Fourth Arm of Defense: Sealift and Maritime Logistics in the Vietnam War'

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" The only minor complaint about this analysis is the author does not list the primary source locations for future scholars to examine other areas for academic study." - Turner

Turner's Review of this topic, Sealift during Vietnam era, mentions a minor defect. Couple of possible sources for general info could be added. One is the House and Senate Armed Services Committiees of Congress, Appropriations Committees, where US Naval requests usually contain both discussions and charts of references for Navy ships and programs directly affecting Sealift and Transport.

Another can be found in testimony of Sec. Dean Rusk on Vietnam aid before Senate Foreign Relations. To wit, there is mention of 17 Hospital Ships for the US Navy offshores of Vietnam, to sustain US Forces inland. This last is found either in 1966 or 1968 Committee Report, including a Map of Vietnam.

Direct reference is not here at present, for this purpose.