Looking for Direction: Primary Source Material on Iraqi Soldiers

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             Fellow H-Warriors,

                    I am looking for primary source material on Iraqi soldiers, specifically those who handled or drove amored vehicles and tanks or anything that is as close to primary as possible. I have tried to search for some type of testimony, perhaps de-briefs or testimony from EPWs after Desert Storm but I am not sure if that information has not been published or if does not exist, if there were no de-briefing statements.I have tried general searches but everything is from the American perspective, American testimony about being a POW and so forth and I am running into the same trouble on most of my academic portals, they all want to only tell the American perspective. However, this is not the subject of my paper, just a means to possibly get to my research topic.

                    I just need something that will help me understand them and their mentalities and their views on their roles. I am hoping that someone knows an archive where I can find this type of material or how I could properly request declassification of such material and what proper nomenclature to use to ensure that I do not get blocked by using incorrect terms in a potential FIOA. Thanks. 


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It looks like:

Laurie Collier Hillstrom, War in the Persian Gulf Primary Sources: From Operation Desert Storm to Operation Iraqi Freedom (2004).

has some Iraqi soldier material.

The Iraqi Perspectives Project put out a couple of volumes of Iraqi primary sources but I think they were largely of senior officers.


Many thanks for the two leads. I just ordered the book. The Iraqi Perspectives is something that immediately hooked me. I do hope that it will provide the information I am looking for but, even if not, this will help me understand more about the Iraqi perspective and thinking process / mindset which will certainly aid my analysis.

Again, many thanks.

You might also look at:

KM Woods, and ME Stout, “Saddam’s Perceptions and Misperceptions: The Case of ‘Desert Storm,” The Journal of Strategic Studies (2010).

I asked Mark Stout, one of the co-authors, and he said:

" The volumes on Desert Storm and the Iran-Iraq war are also possible sources, depending on the time period this person is interested in. Then read footnotes and FOIA."

The Desert Storm book was published by the United States Naval Institute Press, and the Iran-Iraq War by Cambridge.