X-Post: Part 1 of "Re-examining Asia-Pacific War Memories," the Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus

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Dear friends and colleagues,

Apologies for cross-posting. I'd like to direct your attention to Part 1 of "Re-examining Asia-Pacific War Memories," a journal special issue in the Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus. The special issue is co-edited by Justin Aukema, Daniel Milne, Mahon Murphy, and myself, Ryota Nishino. The issue features twelve original articles which explore complex themes of grief, memorials, and narrative in relation to Asia-Pacific War memories. We, the editors, hope you will find the included articles as fascinating as we have. The journal is free and open-access. The table of contents to the special issue can be found here: https://apjjf.org/2022/10/ToC.html

Part 2 is due out on June 1st.

Thank you for your attention!


Ryōta Nishino

(pp. the editorial team)


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Ryōta Nishino (Designated Assistant Professor/特任助教)

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