ToC: International Journal of Military History and Historiography, vol. 42, no. 1 (2022)

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Special Issue

The Long Fight for Fighting with Pride: LGBT Soldiers in the Military History of Australia, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, and the United States

Edited by Klaus Storkmann and Jacqueline E. Whitt


Introduction: LGBT Soldiers in Military History

By Jacqueline E. Whitt

p. 7


How a “Hunt for Homosexuals” in 1987 Ultimately Contributed to a Real Change in Emancipation for Gay Men Serving in the Armed Forces of the Netherlands

By Jaus Müller

p. 19


The Royal Australian Navy and Courts Martial for Homosexuality

By Noah Riseman

p. 46


The “Most Liberal in NATO”? How the (West) German Ministry of Defence Looked to Other Armed Forces’ Regulations Concerning Homosexuality (1966 to 1999)

By Klaus Storkmann

p. 70


Queering American Military History

By Jacqueline E. Whitt

p. 106


Gay Identity, Same-Sex Relationships, and Military Service: Elderly Gay Men in Israel Recall Their Experiences in the IDF, 1948–1977 135

By Yoav Zaritsky and Yuval Yonay



An Aggregation of Lion Hunters: In Search of the Boer Way of War

By David Brock Katz

p. 171


Bibliographical Records

p. 207