New book announcement: War and Peace in the Worlds of Rudolf H. Sauter

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Thank you for the opportunity to share a few words about my new book, which I hope will be of interest to members of this list and related ones.

War and Peace in the Worlds of Rudolf H. Sauter (Anthem Press) is the first exploration of the creative life and worlds of Sauter (1895-1977), the German-born artist, poet, cultural observer, and nephew of the famed novelist John Galsworthy. The book reveals Sauter as a creative figure in his own right as it examines his early life as a German immigrant in Britain, his formative years during the run-up to the Great War, his wartime internment as an “enemy alien,” and the postwar development of his intriguing body of artistic and literary work. Ultimately, this book places Sauter and his creative life in the historical contexts they have long deserved, opening a window onto subjects of war, love, memory, travel and existential concerns of modern times.

Learn more from my Q&A on the Anthem Press Blog.

I’ll note that I appreciate the institutional support I received during my research and writing of this book as part of my official duties as a historian employed by the NLM. According to Section 105 of the United States Copyright Act, the intellectual work I produce through my duties belongs to the United States Federal Government and is not subject to copyright within the United States. Therefore, I cannot claim the copyright in portions of this book which I have authored and neither can I transfer any copyright nor accept any royalties from its sales, nor benefit financially otherwise. So as my work as a federal historian advances the greater good, so too does this book through its copyright status and as it reveals the creative outlook of an underappreciated creative figure in times of war and peace.

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