Historicon War College

Historicon is the premier historical wargaming convention on the east coast. This year, the convention is being held in Lancaster, Pennsylvania at the Lancaster County Convention Center.

I am running Historicon's War College this year, we are looking for military historians and game designers to give lectures, seminars, and round tables on topics of interest to historical war gamers during the convention.

This year's theme is jungle warfare, but any topic related to warfare is welcome.

Japanese radar and American loudspeakers

As previous posters have pointed out, there is lots of information available about topics such as Japanese radar, it is just hard to find compared to information on American, British and German radar. My guess is that the only way to get detailed information of the type that Trent Telenko wants would be by searching Japanese sources. I have been told that a vast amount of material exists, in Japanese, on the Pacific War. But in doing a very limited amount of searching online, I did come up with this:

X-Post: MiWSR: Tenenbaum on Waddell III, "In the Year of the Tiger: The War for Cochinchina, 1945–1951"

New in MiWSR

A review of William M. Waddell III, In the Year of the Tiger: The War for Cochinchina, 1945–1951, by Élie Tenenbaum, Institut Français des Relations Internationales.

James P. Holoka, editor


The US viewing public loves TV and movie military dramas. Why does the entertainment industry abandon any pretext of seeking expert military consultants?

I just watched the opening episode of a new military drama series on CBS, “The Code.”  About USMC Judge Advocate General trial lawyers.  I had to check it out, in part because in those long ago days when I was a lieutenant and later captain in the Air Force, I sat on my share of courts-martial.  Never for a capital case, naturally, but for plenty of lesser offenses such as theft, assault and battery, drug use, and (more seriously) desertion and disobedience of orders, i.e., re


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