Society for Military History Conference Mentoring Program Deadline


The SMH Conference registration page (http://louisville.edu/history/events/smhc ) includes a choice for MA & Ph.D students to have a chance to meet with a mentor at the conference ( a senior scholar in military history).  The deadline for the mentoring program is March 1, so if you’re interested, be sure to register for the conference before then.


David Silbey


Re: Herrera on Smith, 'William Howe and the American War of Independence'

This definitely sounds like a book I need to read. A few years back O'Shaughnessy, in his wonderful volume _The Men Who Lost America_ attempted to make the case that for the British, the American Revolutionary War was essentially unwinnable. I loved his book (essential reading for students of the Revolution!) but disagreed -- I think the Howe brothers might have won the war in 1776.

CERCLES Book Reviews (February 2018)

The CERCLES team (University of Rouen, France) is pleased to announce its regular series of reviews of books on the English-speaking world.


Of particular interest to H-War subscribers in the February 2018 series :


Thomas W. Cawkwell, UK Communication Strategies for Afghanistan, 2001-2014 (London: Routledge, 2016)—Reviewed by Emma L. Briant, University of Essex

CROSS-POSTED REVIEW: Institute for Historical Research, Professor Michael Dodson, review of India Conquered: Britain's Raj and the Chaos of Empire, (review no. 2224)

This week in Reviews in History  we are focussing on a single book, Jon Wilson's India Conquered: Britain's Raj and the Chaos of Empire. We invited five reviewers to contribute to a round table discussion and take up different aspects of the book, with the author then responding to each in turn. 

The rest is available at http://www.history.ac.uk/reviews/review/2224


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