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I have posted this on H-World, but to generate responses from a different perspective, I'm also posting this request here on H-War.


Once again I'm staring down the barrel of a World History II course this fall. Swallowing the entire elephantine half millennia of history (to mix my metaphors) is always a challenge.

I'm looking for a new way of approaching it, and the thought occurred to me that I might try to teach it backwards. Perhaps someone else has tried this?

Re: Bernstein on Judge, 'The Turn of the Tide in the Pacific War: Strategic Initiative, Intelligence, and Command, 1941-1943'

occasionally I feel compelled to give a shout out to myself,
"I am indebted to...Kuehn, who gave me the benefit of his...understanding of the Pacific campaigns on which this study is based." last line of Jon House's editor's notes. 2017. Truth be told, I was a co-editor.

Okay, I've had my daily dose of self-promotion...

John T. Kuehn
Fort Leavenworth Kansas


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