‘Cheese-eating surrender monkeys’? It’s time to give the French Army the credit it deserves

Dear all,

I thought perhaps list members might be interested in my brief thoughts on the performance of the French Army in two world wars and why some pervasive Anglo-American attitudes towards the same ought to be challenged...



Gervase Phillips,

Manchester Metropolitan University,

Re: Hankins on Black, 'Air Power: A Global History'

In his review Mr. Hankins "follows the crowd" in discussing the role of airpower in the Vietnam War. He takes issue with the author, Jeremy Black's, assertion that “air power acted as a substitute for troops [and] made up the difference as the Americans reduced their force numbers in South Vietnam, and provided a key context in which a compromise peace could be negotiated. Air power had not led to American victory, but it played a major role in preventing defeat.” I believe, however, that Black was essentially correct in this judgment.


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