Military History Digest #357

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  •  The 'Second' War of Independence: Civil War and More With Iain MacInnes -


Early Modern:

  •  Military Book Review History of the British Army, 17141783: An Institutional History


18th Century (to 1815):

  •  The Battle of Fort Washington Inside One of the Continental Armys Worst Defeats of the Revolutionary War -


Civil War

  •  Booknotes: The Civil War in Maryland Reconsidered | Civil War Books and Authors

  •  First Fallen: The Life of Colonel Elmer Ellsworth, the Norths First Civil War Hero by Meg Groeling - the Reconstruction Era

  •  Gettysburg 1963: Civil Rights, Cold War Politics, and Historical Memory in America's Most Famous Small Town by Jill Ogline Titus - the Reconstruction Era

  •  Gettysburg Witness Tree Damage Update: Sickles' "Witness Fence" Damaged | Gettysburg Daily

  •  John Banks' Civil War Blog: An Epic Visit to Liberty Gap Battlefield With Soldier's Descendant

  •  Ken Burnss Civil War Pbs Series Is 30 Does It Still Measure Up? | Student of the American Civil War

  •  Military Book Review Meade and Lee at Rappahannock Station: The Army of the Potomacs First Post-Gettysburg Offensive, From Kellys Ford to the Rapidan, October 21 to November 20, 1863

  •  Natchez Miss. Considers New Monument to Usct Who Protected City From Confederate Attacks - the Reconstruction Era

  •  Review - "The USS <I>Tecumseh</I> in Mobile Bay: The Sinking of a Civil War Ironclad" By David Smithweck | Civil War Books and Authors

  •  Review Of Kent Masterson Brown. Meade at Gettysburg: A Study in Command. Civil War America Series. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2021. 488 Pp. $35.00 (Cloth), Isbn 978-1-4696-6199-5. Reviewed by Jennifer Murray (Oklahoma State University)

  •  Surgeon David Little, 13th New York Infantry, on the Battle and Retreat | Bull Runnings



  •  In 1866 Milton Bradley Sold a "Home Theater" Where Americans Could Watch the Civil War Unfold Before Their Eyes - the Reconstruction Era

  •  Opinion | Ken Burns: National Parks Service Site Reminds Us of Americas Violent History - the Washington Post

  •  The Mysterious Flying Machine of the Mysterious Seor Alvares I Airminded

  •  Union Veterans Held Left Handed Penmanship Contests to Encourage Amputees to Re-Learn Writing - the Reconstruction Era


First World War:

  •  Cleanup Complete at Wwi Chemical Weapons Dump in D.C.s Spring Valley DCist

  •  John a. Lejeune: Thanksgiving 1918 - War Room - U.S. Army War College

  •  Review Of Marco Mondini. Il Capo. La Grande Guerra Del Generale Luigi Cadorna. Bologna: Il Mulino, 2019. 388 Pp. $49.30 (Paper), Isbn 978-88-15-27284-3. Reviewed by Stefano Marcuzzi (European University Institute)

  •  The Ogilby Muster First World War Online Archive Set to Launch | Salisbury Journal


Second World War:

  •  #Reviewing the Folly of Generals: How Eisenhowers Broad Front Strategy Lengthened World War Ii

  •  Blog - Churchill's Czech Mercenaries - Osprey Publishing

  •  Dieppe France 1942 Mike's Research

  •  Digitized Photos and Newsreels Offer Glimpse Into Lives of Canadians During Wwii

  •  Havocs Over New Guinea Inside the American 312th Bomber Groups Air Campaign in the Pacific -

  •  Inside the Anti-Fascist Library That's Been Fighting Nazism Since Ww2 | Londonist

  •  London's Stretcher Railings London, England - Atlas Obscura

  •  M3 Lee Post-WWII Service Wwiiafterwwii

  •  Military Book Review a Forgotten Campaign: The British Armed Forces in France 1940 From Dunkirk to the Armistice

  •  Most Obediently Yours: Letter Sign-Offs From the Third Reich History Revisited

  •  Nazis on the Run | by David Motadel | the New York Review of Books

  •  New Books Network | Marc Gallicchio, "Unconditional: The Japanese

  •  Pearl Harbor | StoriesBehindtheStar

  •  Phyllis Latour Soe Wireless Operator in France Alan Malcher

  •  Review Of Judy Batalion. the Light of Days: The Untold Story of Women Resistance Fighters in Hitler's Ghettos. New York: William Morrow, 2021. 576 Pp. $28.99 (Cloth), Isbn 978-0-06-287421-4. Reviewed by Joanna Sliwa (Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (Claims Conference))

  •  T-34 on Tour |

  •  The Atypical Battle of Kursk |

  •  The Loss of the Duisburg Convoy - Comando Supremo


Cold War:

  •  A Soldier and His Establishment: In the Life of Colin Powell, Who Failed Whom?

  •  Blog - the Tonkin Gulf Q&A - Osprey Publishing

  •  Centurions in the Jungle |

  •  From Debacle to Triumph: Indias Civil-Military Relations at War 1962-1971

  •  Megatons to Megawatts: Russian Warheads Fuel U.S. Power Plants : Npr

  •  Review Of Marc Becker. the Cia in Ecuador. American Encounters/Global Interactions Series. Durham: Duke University Press, 2021. Illustrations. Xi + 317 Pp. $27.95 (Paper), Isbn 978-1-4780-1138-5; $104.95 (Cloth), Isbn 978-1-4780-1035-7. Reviewed by David M. K. Sheinin (Trent University)

  •  The Saur Revolution: The Anatomy of a Military Coup |

  •  The South African Border War (1966-1989) and Its Callwellian Influence | Small Wars Journal


Post Cold War:

  •  Lockheed Martins SR-72 Could Revolutionize Everything | the National Interest

  •  Pentagon Quietly Removes 137,000 Photos, Videos of Afghanistan War

  •  Taliban Had Secretly Infiltrated Afghan Society

  •  The Troubled History of Vaccines and Conflict Zones : Goats and Soda : Npr



  •  A Slavish Devotion to Forward Presence Has Nearly Broken the U.S. Navy | Proceedings - December 2021 Vol. 147/12/1426

  •  Battleship Texas Plans and Records Now Online at the State Archives | Out of the Stacks

  •  Pentagon Report: Navy 2020 Suicide Rate Lowest in Four Years - Usni News

  •  Showdown at Jutland How Intrigue and Feuding Among the Kaiser and His Admirals Led to WW1s Greatest Sea Battle -



  •  Adrian Carton De Wiart VC, Whose War Service Sounds Like Fiction but Is All True! Alan Malcher

  •  Confessions of a B-52 Stratofortress Maintainer | the Drive

  •  Main Calibers |

  •  Notable Sandwiches #7: Bnh M - by Talia Bracha Lavin - the Sword and the Sandwich

  •  The Cost of Sentimentalizing War | The New Yorker

  •  U.S. Military Has Historically Struggled With Vaccine Hesitancy - Usni News

  •  U.S. Military Has Historically Struggled With Vaccine Hesitancy - Usni News

  •  Walter Chibnal Who Fought With the Australian Army During Ww1 and His Son William Who Fought During Ww2 Alan Malcher

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