Military History Digest #340

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  •  The Volcano That Caused Famines in Ancient Rome? It Was in Alaska | Ars Technica


Early Modern:

  •  First Database on the Imjin War Now Available - Universitat Autnoma De Barcelona - Uab Barcelona

  •  The Age of Louis Xiv: Frederick the Great and French Ways of War* | German History | Oxford Academic


18th Century (to 1815):

  •  Introduction - Military Medicine and the Making of Race

  •  The Battle of Trafalgar and the Naval War College Museum


Civil War

  •  Archives Department Acknowledges Role in Distorting Alabamas Racial History -

  •  Black Bostonians Fought for Freedom From Slavery. Where Are the Statues That Tell Their Stories? | Cognoscenti

  •  Braxton Bragg: The Most Hated Man of the Confederacyby Earl J. Hess the Reconstruction Era

  •  The Confederacy Wasn't What You Think - The Atlantic

  •  We Legitimize the 'So-Called' Confederacy With Our Vocabulary, and That's a Problem | at the Smithsonian | Smithsonian Magazine

  •  Why Im Glad to See Lee Go, and Why I Hope You Will Be Too Civil Discourse






  •  American Fascism: It Has Happened Here | by Sarah Churchwell | the New York Review of Books


Second World War:

  •  24 June 1942 - This Day in Aviation

  •  Eighty Years Ago Today -- Sinking of the Hmt Lancastria, the Worst Maritime Disaster in British HistoryOld Salt Blog

  •  How American Racism Influenced Hitler | the New Yorker

  •  New Film Explores U.S. Suppression of Key Footage From Hiroshima and Nagasaki | the Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus

  •  Panzer Operations | the Globe at War

  •  The Most Difficult Antiaircraft Problem Yet Faced by the Fleet

  •  The Transnational Goes Viral: Applying Global History to War - Past and Present

  •  Watch This Incredible 1945 Video of a Tuskegee Airman Returning Home to Columbus


Cold War:

  •  Blog - Q & a: Andrew Wiest - Osprey Publishing

  •  Eavesdropping on the Biafra-Lisbon Link Breaking Historical Ciphers From the Biafran War: Cryptologia: Vol 0, No 0

  •  How Pepsi Briefly Became the 6th Largest Military in the World - Business Insider


Post Cold War:

  •  As Soldiers Deploy Amid Pandemic, They Fight 2 Battles

  •  Inside the Murky World of Libyas Mercenaries | the Independent

  •  Multiple Cia Failures Led to Theft of Agencys Top-Secret Hacking Tools | Ars Technica

  •  Russias Air War in Libya: A Diplomatic Gambit? - Foreign Policy Research Institute



  •  The Navy Is Blaming the Captain It Fired for Accurate Covid-19 Warning


  •  Empires of the Sky Airminded

  •  No Maam: Pentagon Down to Just Handful of Women Appointees, Spotlighting History of Inequality

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