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  •  Archaeologists May Have Found William Wallaces Hidden Fortress | Ars Technica

  •  Medieval Arrows Inflicted Injuries That Mirror Damage Caused by Modern Bullets | Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine

  •  Saltpeter: The Mother of Gunpowder | Reviews in History

  •  The Hundred Years War Revisited: The 'Caroline War', 1369-1389

  •  The Mamluk Military: A Professional Medieval Army


Early Modern:

  •  Military Society in Early Modern Europe: Andr Corvisier (Dusty Shelves) - Us Army War College War Room

  •  The Battle of Cape Henry: Prelude to Final Victory


Civil War

  •  A Louisianan, 7th Louisiana Infantry*, on the Regiments (And the States) Role at Blackburns Ford and the Battle | Bull Runnings

  •  Author Interview--Adam H. Domby (The False Cause) Part 2 | H-Civwar | H-Net

  •  Author Interview--Adam H. Domby (The False Cause) Part 3 | H-Civwar | H-Net

  •  Author Interview--Adam H. Domby (The False Cause) Part 4 | H-Civwar | H-Net

  •  Author Interview--Cecily N. Zander "Victorys Long Review") | H-Civwar | H-Net

  •  David Fedman on Twitter: "In 1879, Author Kanagaki Robun &Amp; Illustrator Kobayashi Eitaku Published a Paean to...ulysses S. Grant. They Did So Following Grant's Stop in Japan as Part of a Post-Presidency World Tour. if You're Curious How the Japanese Depicted the Us Civil War, Do I Have a Thread for You 1/" / Twitter

  •  Interview With S. C. Gwynne, Author of Hymns of the Republic: The Story of the Final Year of the American Civil War Civil Discourse

  •  Pvt. Anson Hobart, Co. G (1st) F, 13th New York Infantry, on the Battle* | Bull Runnings

  •  Pvt. George Coles Brown, Co. a, 3rd Connecticut Infantry, on the Battle | Bull Runnings

  •  Ryan & Schaus: "Lee Is Trapped, and Must Be Taken" (2019) | Book Reviews | Civil War Monitor

  •  Tales From the Army of the Potomac: Marylanders in the Army of the Potomac, a Seven-Part Series.

  •  The Five Best Books on Civil War Combat | Articles | Civil War Monitor


  •  Book Review: The Fear of Invasion: Strategy, Politics, and British War Planning, 1880-1914 by David G. Morgan-Owen | Canadian Military History

  •  Of Battlefields and Bibliophiles: Camp Grant Massacre, Arizona


First World War:

  •  As Downtown DCs Pershing Park Becomes a World War I Memorial, Process Preserves a Landscape but Doesnt Save the Park for People Greater Greater Washington

  •  Douglas Goldring, Patrick Hamilton Great War Fiction

  •  Review Of Steven Burg, John Maietta, Peter Miele, Jennifer Ott, Mary Lee Shade, Eds. Duty Calls at Home: Central Pennsylvania Responds to the Great War, 1914-1918. Shippensburg: Center for Applied History, Shippensburg University, 2014. 282 Pp. $16.99 (Paper), Isbn 978-1-312-06925-1. Reviewed by Michael Lynch (U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center)

  •  The Women Doctors of World War I: A Q&A With Kate Clarke Lemay About Wartime Service and Suffrage - Women at the Center

  •  The Word Known to All Men Great War Fiction

  •  Vennbahn: The Railway That Created a Peculiar Border Problem | Amusing Planet


Second World War:

  •  Angels of Okinawa: The F4u Corsair | the National Wwii Museum | New Orleans

  •  H-Diplo Article Review 948 on Johnstone. Spinning War and Peace: Foreign Relations and Public Relations on the Eve of World War Ii. | H-Diplo | H-Net

  •  How the Myth of Britain Alone Overshadows Ve Day

  •  Leslie B. Tollaksen, Uscgc Chelan, Uss Moberley, and the Last Battle in the Atlantic, May 5/6, 1945 | Chuck Hill's Cg Blog

  •  Naval History Blog Blog Archive Beating 1,000-to-1 Odds

  •  Naval History Blog Blog Archive the Life & Service of a World War 2 Mine Warfare Sailor. Part 10

  •  New Book Review Published | the Globe at War

  •  Okinawa: The Battle and Bomb | the National Wwii Museum | New Orleans

  •  Oral History Audiobooks: This Episode Is Personal

  •  Prisoners of the Empire Sarah Kovner | Harvard University Press

  •  Richard Wadani, Deserter From the Wehrmacht Who Joined the Allied Forces Obituary

  •  Ships Sunk in "Exercise Tiger" Disaster Finally ProtectedOld Salt Blog

  •  The Battle of Point Judith

  •  The Coast Guard in the WWII Battle of the Atlantic | Chuck Hill's Cg Blog

  •  The Tank's Hidden Foe |

  •  U.S. Naval Institute Blog

  •  Us Navy Detonates Unexploded Wwii-Era Ordnance Off Hawaii |


Cold War:

  •  Medal of Honor Sought for Us Korean War Pilot |

  •  Review Of Jessica Elkind. Aid Under Fire: Nation Building and the Vietnam War. Studies in Conflict Diplomacy Peace Series. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 2016. 310 Pp. $45.00 (Cloth), Isbn 978-0-8131-6583-7. Reviewed by Ngo Vinh Long (University of Maine)

  •  Review Of Tyrone L. Groh. Proxy War: The Least Bad Option. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2019. 255 Pp. $65.00 (Cloth), Isbn 978-1-5036-0818-4. Reviewed by Alexandra Chinchilla (University of Chicago)

  •  Six-Day Siege: The 40th Anniversary of the Sas Dashing Assault of the Iranian Embassy | War Is Boring

  •  The Soviet Union Paid Pepsi With Vodka and Warships in Decades-Long Barter | VinePair

  •  Thermopylae, Alaska | RealClearDefense


Post Cold War:

  •  Looking at War Across 2,500 Years - the New York Times

  •  Review Of Douglas a. Wissing. Hopeless but Optimistic: Journeying Through America's Endless War in Afghanistan. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2016. Xv + 172 Pp. $30.00 (Cloth), Isbn 978-0-253-02285-1. Reviewed by Scott Lucas (University of Birmingham)

  •  The Anatomy of a Stratcom Disinfographic - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

  •  The Whole Place Is Sick Now: 72 Deaths at a Home for U.S. Veterans - The New York Times



  •  Acts of Bravery: Fighting Kamikazes and Saying "No" To Admiral Halsey

  •  Beyond Mercy: Navy's Covid-19 Hospital Ship Missions and the Future of Medicine at Sea - Usni News

  •  Blog - Warship 2020 Q & a - Osprey Publishing

  •  Over 650 Newly Digitized Navy Logbooks in the National Archives Catalog the Text Message

  •  USS Nevada Located by Search and Ocean Infinity - Ocean Infinity



  •  African-Americans Are Highly Visible in the Military, but Almost Invisible at the Top - the New York Times

  •  Can British History Be Saved? | Jeremy Black | the Critic Magazine

  •  Crafting the U.S. Marine Corps Mystique: A Conversation With Heather Venable

  •  June Willenz, Champion of Women in the Military, Dies at 95 - the New York Times

  •  The American Tradition of the Military Flyover | RealClearDefense

  •  The American Tradition of the Military Flyover | RealClearDefense

  •  U.S. Naval Institute Blog


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