Military History Digest #335

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  • The Invisible Hand of Conquest How Smallpox Defeated Armies, Toppled Empires & Changed History -


First World War:

  • This Wwi Helmet May Outperform Modern Ones Against Shock Waves



  • Counterinsurgency Operations: A Perspective From Italian History | RealClearDefense

  • The Public Charge Rule and Immigrants Fleeing Nazi Germany | Time


Second World War:

  • A House in the Mountains Tells Little-Known World War Ii Story of Italian Women Fighting for Freedom -

  • Book Review: A15 Cruiser Mk. Vi Crusader Tank a Technical History the Crusader Project

  • H-Gram 040

  • Hamburg Camouflage Bombing - Big Think

  • History's Deadliest Air Raid Happened in Tokyo During World War Ii and You've Probably Never Heard of It - Cnn

  • Leaders of the Deep: Top Wwii Submariners and Their Submarines | the Sextant

  • Naval History Blog Blog Archive the Life & Service of a World War 2 Mine Warfare Sailor. Part 7

  • Naval History Blog Blog Archive the Life & Service of a World War 2 Mine Warfare Sailor. Part 8

  • The Man Who Wont Let the World Forget the Firebombing of Tokyo - The New York Times

  • We Hated What We Were Doing: Veterans Recall Firebombing Japan - the New York Times


Cold War:


  • Infiltrating Inchon Meet the U.S. Navy Officer Who Snuck Ashore Two Weeks Before the Invasion -



  • H-040-1: Radm Theodore E. Chandler

  • How Computational Poweror Its Absenceshaped World War Naval Battles | Ars Technica

  • Naval History Blog Blog Archive the Strike Cruiser

  • Norman's Corner: The Father of Aegis | Naval Historical Foundation

  • Why Did Restorers Search a Civil War Battleship's Guns for the Remains of a Black Cat? | Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine



  • 17 March 1969 - This Day in Aviation

  • Tell This to the Marines: Gender and the Marine Corps - War on the Rocks

  • The Leavenworth Heresy? - Us Army War College War Room

  • The Man Whos Flown Everything | Flight Today | Air & Space Magazine

  • Why Military Officers Are Failing - Us Army War College War Room

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