Military History Digest #331

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Early Modern:

  • The Norwegian Thunderbolt: Vice Admiral Peter Wessel


18th Century (to 1815):

  • The U.S. Navy in the War of 1812: Winning the Battle but Losing the War, Pt. 1

  • The U.S. Navy in the War of 1812: Winning the Battle but Losing the War, Pt. 2



  • The West Point Class of 1829 - Us Army War College War Room


Civil War

  • Captain Voigt's Company of Waul's Texas Legion | Civil War Books and Authors

  • Fearless Farragut!

  • Review: Searching for Black Confederates: The Civil Wars Most Persistent Myth by Kevin Levin. Civil Discourse

  • The Challenges of the University of Virginia's Civil War Hospital - National Museum of Civil War Medicine

  • Writing History in a Novel Way Megan Kate Nelson



  • Reporting From the Sha: Sanitation, Statistics, and State-Building in Reconstruction America Civil Discourse


First World War:

  • Book Review: Filling the Ranks by Richard Holt | Canadian Military History

  • Dying From the Drink: Soldier Deaths Due to Alcohol, 1914-1918 | Canadian Military History

  • The History That Happened: Setting the Record Straight on the Armenian Genocide - War on the Rocks

  • The Killing of the Iron 12 The Inside Story of One of WW1s Forgotten War Crimes -



  • Book Review: 1931: Debt, Crisis, and the Rise of Hitler by Tobias Straumann | Lse Review of Books


Second World War:

  • Blunder Over Belgium - Was a Botched Cargo Drop to the 82nd Airborne in the Ardennes Negligence or Sabotage? -

  • Computer Degenerated: A Review of "Midway" | the National Wwii Museum | New Orleans

  • Fighting for Survival | Naval History Magazine - December 2019 Volume 34, Number 6

  • He Is Remembered: F/Sgt. Biddlecombe, Part III | Canadian Military History

  • John Wheelers H-Bomb Blues: Physics Today: Vol 72, No 12

  • Naval History Blog Blog Archive Risky Rescue Off Nauru Island, December 1944

  • Naval History Blog Blog Archive the Life & Service of a World War 2 Mine Warfare Sailor. Part 4

  • Nursing Clio More Than Accomplices: The Crimes of Hitlers Female Ss

  • Pearl Harbor's Overlooked Answer | Naval History Magazine - December 2011 Volume 25, Number 6

  • Polands New World War Ii Museum Who Gets to Tell the Story? Camerons Travels | Rick Steves Europe

  • Shoestring Logistics Lessons From Guadalcanal | RealClearDefense

  • The Age of Hiroshima | Princeton University Press

  • The End Outside Tobruk 4 December 1941 The Crusader Project

  • The Loss of Hms Barham The Crusader Project


Cold War:

  • Armys Conflicting History of Haircuts and Racial Identity Explored in New Article | the University of Kansas

  • Being "Red": The Challenge of Taking the Soviet Side in War Games at the Naval War College, Pt. 1

  • Blog - How the Us Air Force Won in Korea and Couldn't Claim the Victory - Osprey Publishing

  • Confessions of an A-6 Intruder Pilot - the Drive

  • Naval History Blog Blog Archive From Bad to Worse


Post Cold War:

  • 'Thats When I Became a Sniper': Ukraines Woman Vets Describe Their War - Defense One

  • #Reviewing War Flower

  • Britains Secret War With Russia - Defense One



  • Naval History Blog Blog Archive the U.S. Navys Smashers

  • Shipfax: Boabarge to Ground Zero

  • U.S. Naval Institute Blog



  • A Question of Professionalism - Us Army War College War Room

  • Battlefields Around the World Are Finding New Purpose as Parks and Refuges | RealClearDefense

  • Modern-Day 'Monuments Men': Smithsonian, U.S. Army Partner to Preserve Culture Amid War | Small Wars Journal

  • Seafloor Scar of Bikini A-bomb Test Still Visible - Bbc News

  • These Cluster Bombs Started Killing Civilians Before They Left U.S. Soil - the New York Times

  • Top 10 Close Air Support Aircraft | Hush-Kit