Military History Digest #327

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18th Century (to 1815):

  •Kabinettskriege: How Close Ranged Were Mid-Eighteenth-Century Firefights?

  •Nursing Clio Intersex Revolutionary War Hero Did Good Because Doctors Did No Harm


Civil War

  •Home - Essential Civil War Curriculum

  •Private Mohammed Kahn: Civil War Soldier NARAtions

  •Tales From the Army of the Potomac: Protesting the McClellan Testimonial: Photographing the 119th Pennsylvania, Part 3.

  •The Victor of Gettysburg - 11 Surprising Facts About George Gordon Meade -

  •West Point Statue: Why Ulysses S. Grants Reputation Improves as Other Presidents Lose Stature - the Washington Post



  •Historical Firearms - 12-Inch Coastal Defence Gun M1895 These Amazing...

  •The Strategy Bridge


First World War:

  •A Doughboy's March Toward the Flame: #6 Best Wwi Memoir - Edward Lengel

  •An Australian Cavalryman's Desert Column: #7 Best Wwi Memoir - Edward Lengel

  •Hundreds of Bottles of Vintage Wine and Champagne Discovered in Shipwreck Off Cornish Coast - Cornwall Live

  •Soundings in Narragansett Bay's Naval History: A Third U-Boat Visits Newport

  •The Scandalous Love Affair That Started World War I | The National Interest

  •The Strategy Bridge

  •What Helen Zenna Smith Did Next Great War Fiction


Second World War:

  •Database of Japanese Buried in Australia During Wwii Completed | the Japan Times

  •Deutsche Renten an Belgische Ss-Freiwillige | Deutschland | Dw | 20.02.2019

  •Kamikaze Images - Japanese Views


  •Oral History Audiobooks: A Barrel of Laughs

  •Stadtbahn Viaduct World War Ii Damage Berlin, Germany - Atlas Obscura

  •The Strategy Bridge

  •The Untold Story of the Men Who Died on the Uss Saturn in Wwii |

  •Veterans History Project Connects D-Day Journeys in Interactive Online Experience for 75th Anniversary | Library of Congress


Cold War:

  •#AirWarVietnam Contested Skies: A Brief Guide to the Historiography of the Air War in Vietnam From Balloons to Drones

  •Blog - the G3 Battle Rifle - Osprey Publishing

  •Naval History Blog Blog Archive Covert Rescues at the Bay of Pigs

  •Naval History Blog Blog Archive the Great Seabee Tank Caper

  •USS Iowa: First Came the Explosion, Then the Cover-Up |


Post Cold War:

  •A Russian Spy Plane Is Being Allowed to Photograph U.S. Military Sites | War Is Boring

  •Facebook Algorithms Make It Harder to Catch Extremists - the Atlantic

  •Picturing Sri Lankas Undead War | Crisis Group



  •Naval History Blog Blog Archive Museum Report: The Tug That Fought

  •Naval History Blog Blog Archive the Strange Navy That Shipped Millions of Japanese Home

  •This Week in Seabee History: May 19 25 | Seabee Online



  •Marine Corps Identity From the Historical Perspective | RealClearDefense

  •National Library of Israel Releases Photo Archive of Idf History - Pictures - Israel News - Jerusalem Post

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