Military History Digest #303

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 1. Book Review: Blood and Faith: The Purging of Muslim Spain, 1492-1614 by Matthew Carr | LSE Review of Books
Early Modern:
 2. 6-pdrs from Lige  A walk-around | To the Sound of the Guns
18th Century: 
 3. Muskets at the Battle of Waterloo: Injuries of War, Then vs. Now  Battles and Book Reviews
 4. Solving the Mysterious Disappearance of Two 18th-Century French Frigates - Atlas Obscura

19th Century:
 5. A trip to Europe, looking at foundries: The 1840 Ordnance Commission | To the Sound of the Guns
 6. Royal Navy Collision Offers Lessons for U.S. Navy | RealClearDefense
 7. The Fast and the Furious  A Quick History of Civil War Repeating Rifles
 8. The New Zealand Wars 1845-1872 | MetaFilter
 9. Ty Seidule Takes on Lee and the Lost Cause  CIVIL WAR MEMORY

First World War:
10. Blog - The Other First World War - Osprey Publishing
11. Book Review: Gender and the Great War edited by Susan R. Grayzel and Tammy M. Proctor | LSE Review of Books
12. D.C. War Memorial  Washington, D.C. - Atlas Obscura
13. German World War One U-Boat Found Off Belgium With 23 Bodies Inside
14. In 1917, the Illinois National Guard Joined a White Mob Hunting Blacks | War Is Boring

15. A Remarkable Armored Train Fought Its Way Across Eurasia | War Is Boring
16. Blinded by the Rising Sun? American Intelligence Assessments of Japanese Air Power, 1920-41: Part 2  1930-1937  From Balloons to Drones
17. The Italian Navy and Japan: Strategy and Hopes, 1937-1942  Defence-In-Depth

Second World War:
18. Blinded by the Rising Sun? American Intelligence Assessments of Japanese Air Power, 1920-41: Part 3  1937-41  From Balloons to Drones
19. British Naval History Tribal Class Destroyers Part 5; the hard War of HMS Somali - British Naval History
20. During World War II, the Submarine USS Barb Rocketed Japan | War Is Boring
21. Germany Evacuates 60,000 to Defuse WWII Bomb | RealClearDefense
22. Kilroy Was Here  Washington, D.C. - Atlas Obscura
23. Marines That Beat Hitler & Jim Crow Get Their Due | RealClearDefense
24. Meet the Man Who Live-Tweets World War II - The Atlantic
25. Notable Problems in Determining World War II Era German Divisional Strength Returns | The Globe at War
26. Private John Steele Monument  Sainte-Mre-glise, France - Atlas Obscura
27. Site of a Japanese Balloon Bomb Explosion  Omaha, Nebraska - Atlas Obscura
28. The Lessons of the 1942 Makin Island Raid | War Is Boring

Cold War:
29. Douglas MacArthur: Atomic Bombs Will Win The Korean War?
30. Facts About the Vietnam War, Part I: They Didnt Fight with One Hand Tied Behind Their Backs - War on the Rocks
31. Facts About the Vietnam War, Part IV: U.S. Journalists Didnt Lose the War, Celebrate the Enemy, or Vilify American Soldiers
32. Facts About the Vietnam War, Part V: Bad Strategy, Bad Leadership Doomed South Vietnam as Much as the Curtailing of U.S. Aid
33. Hilltop Doc  Memories of a Korean War Combat Corpsman
34. Man Who Saved the World From Nuclear Armageddon in 1983 Dies at 77
35. Soviet Embassy's 'Summer Camp' House  Bluemont, Virginia - Atlas Obscura
36. Studying the Vietnam War | Humanities
37. The Day After traumatized a generation with the horrors of nuclear war
38. The Documentary The Vietnam War: Artistic License as History | Small Wars Journal
39. Woomera Range Complex  Woomera, Australia - Atlas Obscura

Post Cold War:
40. In 2007, Israel Quietly Eliminated Syrias Nuclear Program | War Is Boring
41. We Shouldnt Forget the Lessons of Black Hawk Down: Part I | Just Security

42. British Naval History Tribal Class Destroyers Part 4; HMS Tartar, the Survivor - British Naval History
43. Conference Report: McMullen Naval History Symposium 2017  Defence-In-Depth

44. British Naval History BOOK CHAT: J. R. McNeill, Mosquito Empires: Ecology and War in the Greater Caribbean, 1620-1914. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010.) - British Naval History
45. Gun Barrel Fence  Washington, D.C. - Atlas Obscura
46. Held Hostage By A Cargo Of Bombs  gCaptain
47. How A Small-Time Training Group And An Army Program Changed American Distance Running
48. Mexican Cartel Tactical Note #34: Recent .50 Cal Sniper Rifle Seizures | Small Wars Journal
49. Navy Medicine in Araby (Episode 5) | Of Ships & Surgeons
50. Rethinking War Monuments, Ancient and Modern
52. The ultimate guide to searching CIA's declassified archives
53. Transforming White Supremacist Memorials, Part 2: Recent Acts of Creative Protest | HISTORISTA
54. World's Largest Deadweight Machine  Gaithersburg, Maryland - Atlas Obscura