Military History Digest #364

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  •  Romans Ventured Deeper Into Wales Than Thought, Road Discovery Shows | Roman Britain | the Guardian



  •  Fighting Against the Abbasids: Rebellions of the Khurramiyya in the 8th Century -


18th Century (to 1815):

  •  The 1762 British Invasion of Spanish-Ruled Philippines: Beyond Imperial and National Imaginaries



  •  The First Reconstruction | Van Gosse | University of North Carolina Press


Civil War

  •  Booknotes: James Longstreet and the American Civil War | Civil War Books and Authors

  •  Destination Freedom: The Underground Railroad Walking Tour of Waverly | Lackawanna County, Pa

  •  Harding: Gettysburg's Lost Love Story (2022) | Book Reviews | Civil War Monitor

  •  Military Book Review Crosshairs on the Capital: Jubal Earlys Raid on Washington, D.C., July 1864 - Reasons, Reactions, and Results

  •  Recovering From the Trauma of the Civil War: Mental Health - the Reconstruction Era

  •  Review - "Hidden History of Civil War Florida" By Robert Redd | Civil War Books and Authors

  •  Review - "True Blue: White Unionists in the Deep South During the Civil War and Reconstruction" By Clayton Butler | Civil War Books and Authors

  •  Review Of Aaron Charles Sheehan-Dean. the Cambridge History of the American Civil War: Volume 1, Military Affairs. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2019. 642 Pp. $158.00 (Cloth), Isbn 978-1-107-14889-5. Reviewed by Aaron Dilday (Palo Alto College)

  •  Review Of Fergus M. Bordewich. Congress at War: How Republican Reformers Fought the Civil War, Defied Lincoln, Ended Slavery, and Remade America. New York: Alfred a. Knopf, 2020. Illustrations. Xx + 450 Pp. $32.50 (Cloth), Isbn 978-0-451-49444-3. Reviewed by Chris Fobare (Worcester State University)

  •  Should Fort Monroe Be the National Emancipation Landmark? - the Reconstruction Era

  •  This Year's List of Military History Releases Just Got More Interesting | Civil War Books and Authors

  •  Home - Netflix



  •  As Black Power Grew, Violence Increased to Suppress It - the Reconstruction Era

  •  How the Civil War and Reconstruction Era Presidents Ranked According to Historians - the Reconstruction Era

  •  Religion and Confederate Ideology in Brazil After the Civil War - the Reconstruction Era


First World War:

  •  Blog - World War I Sniping How Did It Happen? - Osprey Publishing

  •  Fate of Zeppelinl-19, 1916 - Dawlish Chronicles

  •  Mission to Recover Wwi Wreck With Wine Worth 'Millions' Foiled by British Authorities | VinePair



  •  Book Review: The Ukrainian Intelligentsia and Genocide: The Struggle for History, Language, and Culture in the 1920s and 1930s by Victoria Malko | Lse Review of Books

  •  Military Book Review the Spanish Civil War at Sea: Dark and Dangerous Waters

  •  Review Of Geoffrey C. Gunn. Ho Chi Minh in Hong Kong. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2021. 300 Pp. $99.00 (Cloth), Isbn 978-1-108-83325-7. Reviewed by Sophie Quinn-Judge (Temple University)


Second World War:

  •  A Secret City With a Secret African American History - the New York Times

  •  A Tale of Two Pilots, Hurricane Girls & a Frenchman! - Island Fortress

  •  A World War II Veteran Gets His DueNearly 80 Years After Surviving D-Day - Wsj

  •  Amy Gutmans Father Fled the Nazis. Shes the New U.S. Ambassador to Germany. - the New York Times

  •  China's War, China's Memories | the National Wwii Museum | New Orleans

  •  Death-Defying: Voluntary Death as Honorable Ideal in the German-Japanese Alliance | Central European History | Cambridge Core

  •  H-027-1 Search for Wasp and Hornet

  •  Haunting Photos Reveal Ordinary Lives of German Troops in Wwii Lublin the First News

  •  Historiography and Accepting What We Always Knew the Crusader Project

  •  Leo Marks Head of Soe Codes and Cyphers Alan Malcher

  •  Meet Harold Gillies, the Wwi Surgeon Who Rebuilt the Faces of Injured Soldiers | Ars Technica

  •  Pope Orders Online Release of Wwii-Era Pius Xii Jewish Files |

  •  Review Of John E. Schmitz. Enemies Among Us: The Relocation, Internment, and Repatriation of German, Italian, and Japanese Americans During the Second World War. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2021. Illustrations, Maps. 430 Pp. $65.00 (E-Book), Isbn 978-1-4962-2755-3; $65.00 (Cloth), Isbn 978-1-4962-2414-9. Reviewed by Tyler Correia (York University)

  •  Review Of Peter Kornicki. Eavesdropping on the Emperor: Interrogators and Codebreakers in Britain's War With Japan. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2021. Illustrations. 376 Pp. $29.95 (Cloth), Isbn 978-0-19-760280-5. Reviewed by Sarah-Louise Miller (King's College London)

  •  Sergeant Hugo Bleicher of the Abwehr: Responsible for Crushing Resistance in France. Alan Malcher

  •  Sigint Historian: Oh L L! a French Farce in the Records of British Intelligence

  •  Soe Wireless Station in England Alan Malcher

  •  The German Wireless Deception Leading to the Deaths of Three Soe Agents Sent to France. Alan Malcher

  •  The Mosin-Nagant in Romania After Wwii WWIIafterWWII

  •  Tigers in Italy 1944-45 Mike's Research

  •  USS Samuel B. Roberts, Sunk in Battle of Leyte Gulf, Found - Usni News

  •  Women, Minorities, and the Manhattan Project | Restricted Data


Cold War:

  •  'We're Fed Up With It': Survivors of the USS Liberty Look for Answers 55 Years Later |

  •  40 Years on - the Lessons of the Falklands War | Thin Pinstriped Line

  •  A-4 Skyhawk: Why the Navy and Marines Loved This Historic Fighter - 19FortyFive

  •  Falklands War Display Opens at the Poppy Factory

  •  Photo Exclusive: Sailor Shares Never-Before-Published Images of Historic Attack on USS Liberty |

  •  The U.S. Air Force Is Gradually Rebuilding Its B-52 Bombers From the Rivets Out


Post Cold War:

  •  Panzerfaust 3: The Cold War Weapon Wrecking Russian Tanks in Ukraine

  •  Review Of Luis Hernandez Navarro. Self-Defense in Mexico: Indigenous Community Policing and the New Dirty Wars (Latin America in Translation/en Traduccin/Em Traduo). Translated by Ryan Ramor. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2020. X + 263 Pp. $29.95 (Paper), Isbn 978-1-4696-5453-9. Reviewed by Nathaniel Morris (University College London)

  •  The Surreal Case of a C.I.A. Hackers Revenge | MetaFilter

  •  Were Doing It Wrong: Returning the Study of War to the Center of Professional Military Education - Modern War Institute

  •  Why Drones Have Not Revolutionized War: The Enduring Hider-Finder Competition in Air Warfare | International Security | Mit Press



  •  40 Years of Missile Warfare: What the Losses of Hms Sheffield and Rfs MoskvaTell Us About War at Sea | Center for International Maritime Security

  •  Blog - Warship 2022 Q&A With Editor John Jordan - Osprey Publishing

  •  The Battle for the Seas in World War II, and How It Changed History - the New York Times

  •  Three Misleading Diaries: John Knyveton Md From Naval Surgeons Mate to Man-Midwife - Martin H. Evans, Geoffrey Hooper, 2014



  •  Airlines in the Falklands 40 Years After the War

  •  Alabama Shipyard: On the Mobile Waterfront, a Sleeping Giant Has Awakened

  •  David's Island: New Rochelles Abandoned, Unsellable Treasure - Untapped New York

  •  Fertile Blood: War and Medicine | HistoryNet

  •  Genocide Determinations and Ukraine: A Q&A With Fmr. Ambassador Todd Buchwald

  •  Review Of Kjell Follingstad Anderson, Erin Jessee, Eds. Researching Perpetrators of Genocide. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 2020. 224 Pp. $79.95 (Cloth), Isbn 978-0-299-32970-9. Reviewed by Christopher P. Davey (Clark University)

  •  Review Of Steven Paget, Ed. Allies in Air Power: A History of Multinational Air Operations. Lexington: University Press of Kentucky, 2020. 314 Pp. $45.00 (Cloth), Isbn 978-0-8131-8032-8. Reviewed by Eric Perinovic (Temple University)

  •  Start Page favorites://

  •  The Nuclear Dilemma: Deterrence Works, Up to a Point - Engelsberg Ideas

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