TOC: Cambridge Journal of Postcolonial Literary Inquiry Volume 8, Issue 2

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Cambridge Journal of Postcolonial Literary Inquiry has published and is available on Cambridge Core. This is a special issue, "On Postcolonial Suffering."

Links below provide free access to individual articles on the publisher's website.

On Postcolonial Suffering: George Floyd and the Scene of Contamination
Ato Quayson

Lampedusa: Migrant Tragedy
John Kerrigan

Stanlake Samkange's Insufferable Zimbabwe: Distanciating Trauma from the Novel to Philosophy
Jeanne-Marie Jackson

Mock Mockers: Cynicism, Suffering, Irish Modernism
Ronan McDonald

Climate Tragedy
Manya Lempert

On Antigone's Suffering
Ankhi Mukherjee

Raja Shehadeh's "Cartography of Refusal": The Enduring Land Narrative Practice of Palestinian Walks
Amanda Batarseh

Spatial Attractions: The Literary Aesthetics of Female Erotic Experience in the Colony
Anna Ziajka Stanton

Plus a book forum on Kélina Gotman's Choreomania: Dance and Disorder and three book reviews