TURBA: The Journal for Global Practices in Live Arts Curation

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Call for Papers
February 18, 2021 to April 1, 2021
Subject Fields: 
Anthropology, Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Cultural History / Studies, Fine Arts, Theatre & Performance History / Studies

TURBA invites submissions engaging with any tradition, genre, community, culture, discipline, artistic expression, or aesthetic in the live arts. The journal is particularly interested in featuring compelling, experimental, politically engaged, and transformative content that fosters critique and debate, expands knowledge, and provides socio-cultural and historical context for the evolving practices of live arts curation.

TURBA is open to a wide range of genres and formats. Contributions may include: academic papers for [double blind] peer review, critical essays, dialogic exchanges and transcribed group conversations, manifestos, reviews of publications and symposia, analyses of curatorial paradigms and events, poetry, images, notations and graphic representations, etc. They may also interweave such styles and epistemologies if this heterogeneity helps to better illuminate their subject matter.

TURBA welcomes writers in any language to submit texts, including texts previously published in other languages. Such texts must be accompanied by an English abstract and the first draft of a translation into English. Should the text be selected for publication, we will, if necessary, work with the author(s) on a final English version. The original language version, however, will usually be posted on the journal's resource pages.

View full details: https://journals.berghahnbooks.com/_uploads/turba/turba_cfp_1.pdf

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Dena Davida at turbajournal@gmail.com

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