New OA journal: "Sources. Materials & Fieldwork in Africa Studies"

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June 19, 2020
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African History / Studies, Digital Humanities, Arabic History / Studies

Dear colleagues,
We are immensely pleased to announce the creation of a new academic journal named “Sources. Materials & Fieldwork in African Studies”. 

This Open Access biannual journal is trilingual (English, French, Portuguese) and can publish articles in other languages, especially all those in use in Africa. Its mission is original within the social sciences and humanities: it places field materials at the heart of theoretical insight. These field materials are defined as the empirical objects produced – and most often co-produced – by researchers in a particular research situation and by using specific methods that undergird reasoning and the elaboration of theoretical statements. “Sources” provides access to and storage of such field materials.
The first Varia issue can be accessed through this link:

We invite you to read the introduction as it theorises the editorial purpose of the journal and sets out its objectives. The six articles that make up this issue exemplify Sources’ editorial purpose. They take as their subject the most material sources, from bricks in Meroitic Sudan (Gabrielle Choimet) to written documents – such as letters to readers in the Nigerian press from the 1940s to the 1950s (Sara Panata), political prints distributed during an election campaign in Kenya in 2013 (Chloé Josse-Durand) and accounting writings of the Mahdist Sudanese administration in the 19th century (Anaël Poussier) – though digital sources in a contemporary Mozambican context (Rozenn Nakanabo Diallo) and musical material, here gospels, from the time of war in Burundi (Ariel Fabrice Ntahomvukiye). 

This first issue closes with an interview with the historian Vincent Hiribarren who analyses the challenges of the archival and digital turns in Africa.
Two thematic issues, one on Violence (2020) and the other on Environmental Knowledge (2021) are underway. A permanent call for papers in Varia and in thematic issues is open.
You can find information about the journal and our contact address here: 
In French:
In English:
Had you any questions about the journal, kindly feel free to get in touch with us:
Marie-Aude Fouéré and Ophélie Rillon (Editors in chief)
Together with the Editorial Board

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