SCMS 2020 Panel CFP: Black Radical Impulses in Contemporary Film, Television, and New Media

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SCMS 2020 Panel CFP: Black Radical Impulses in Contemporary Film, Television, and New Media


Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) Annual Conference: April 1-5, 2020, Denver, CO


“A people’s art is the genesis of their freedom.”

- Claudia Jones, 1959


Claudia Jones was a US-based social justice activist and internationalist who viewed the plight of racial injustice in the US as a part of the global struggle against white world supremacy. Jones was an anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist who criticized American Cold War policies of neocolonialism in Africa and Asia. Jones understood that capitalist exploitation impacted Black women and women of color around the globe more than any other group. She also understood the power of art as a tool of resistance and liberation, where white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy could be confronted and challenged, and new worlds and ways of being could be imagined and manifested. 


Jone’s deep analysis of power and her understanding of art help to inaugurate a conversation about Black radical thinking in contemporary media art practices today. How is Black radical thinking being projected on today’s screens and media sites? What does a Black radical impulse look like, where are these impulses occurring, and where are they being deflected or suppressed? This panel seeks to bring together scholars who are examining these types of questions on Black radical politics in contemporary film, television, and/or new media. Topics for papers may include, but are not limited to:


  • Identifying and interpreting Black radical impulses in popular and/or independent film, television, and new media

  • Negotiating Black radical impulses in mainstream media culture

  • Black radical memory in contemporary film and media

  • Liberal revisions of Black radicalism

  • Black radical media arts and activist communities


Interested panelists please submit a 250-300 word abstract, a 50-100 word bio, and a 4-5 entry bibliography to Mary Schmitt at and Edward Mendez  by August 15, 2020. Those who do so will be notified of the panel's constitution by August 23, 2020.