H-AfrArts is Recruiting new Editors and Advisory Board Members - Please Volunteer!

Helena Cantone Discussion

H-AfrArts is looking for Editors and Advisory Board Members to join our small team and share duties and responsibilities on a voluntary basis.

There are three main positions at our networks. These are: 

  • Network Editors: who moderate all proposed messages and develop diverse kinds of academic content, from conference reports to blog series to podcasts, enriching the field of the expressive arts of Africa and the African Diaspora. Editors rotate the post every two months.
  • Review Editors: who commission reviews of books and other relevant academic material, such as movies and museum exhibits, through a formal process structured around H-Net’s Reviews Management System.
  • Advisory Board Members: who advise editors on the overall health and development of their network, help set network policies within the bounds of H-Net’s guidelines, mediate disputes concerning editorial decisions, help with recruitment, and help editors design and implement new projects.

Full training and support is provided. A minimum of two years committment is preferred. For a full description of the duties of Editors please see: https://networks.h-net.org/node/905/pages/80264/becoming-editor

About the Network:

H-AfrArts is an international network jointly sponsored by H-Net (Humanities Online) and ACASA (Arts Council of the African Studies Association-USA) to provide a forum for the discussion and exploration of African art and expressive culture. There are a number of reasons and benefits for joining H-AfrArts Network, these include:

Collaboration: Volunteering with an H-Net Network can be an excellent opportunity to work within a multi-disciplinary and committed editorial team.

Engagement: H-AfrArts Network provides an excellent opportunity to engage with, support, and develop your field of study.

Best Practice: H-Net is committed to supporting editorial best practices. You will receive comprehensive H-Commons online training to moderate and safeguard the content of the network.

Support: H-Net has a Home Office staffed by trained historians, an online training program, a Help Desk, and a separate space where its Editors can discuss questions and concerns relating to academic best practices and project development.

Durability: H-Net is committed to the long-term digital preservation of its academic content.

Visibility: H-Net's content is available online for free and uses an email notification system to deliver academic content directly to subscribers.

How to Apply:

Applicants must have a background/expertise in Africa/African Diasporic Arts and have regular and reliable access to email.

If you are interested and have any questions, please contact the Advisory Board member: Helena Cantone - yenacanta@gmail.com

Please send your CV and a covering letter by email to: editorial-afrarts@mail.h-net.msu.edu

Applications will be accepted until the positions are filled. 

This is a voluntary position: The H-Net is a non-profit organization run by academics and built around a committed community of volunteers.